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That is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth. The problem with Pinkerson, then, is not that he believes our bodies influence our lives.

The Missing Link by Richard Russell Cassaro

We all believe that in some measure. On the other, these thinkers want to signal that — as good liberals — of course they believe in human freedom to defy genetic predisposition. Is there a location within the brain, a gene for free will? Who decides which parts of nature we soberly adhere to, and which parts we daringly transcend? Male lobsters, as Peterson tells it, are subject to a self-perpetuating hierarchy of serotonin levels.

The winners of the best mates and territories keep getting happier, better, and stronger, and keep winning more: the losers keep getting worse. Circumstances change. Hierarchies are as old as crustaceans and yet any guy can be a high-serotonin alpha lobster if they pull their finger out, according to Peterson. So are we bound by biology or not? The problem is actually located in the very genres of writing Peterson is working in.

Of course, the apparent conflict is actually not mysterious at all. We do what we can to make the best of things, in our vulnerability and fragility, and the planet is harder on us than we are on it.

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We could cut ourselves some slack. Yet what makes Enlightenment Now so exhausting is that every chapter seems to be jackhammering away at a position that virtually no one holds.

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While some humanities scholars argue that Enlightenment modernity set the coordinates for colonialism and the Holocaust, all humanities scholars regard anaesthetic and the electric guitar as broadly good things. These critics also tend to view the victims of present benightedness and injustice as more than just collateral damage the thrust of history has to overlook while getting other stuff sorted. We would regard Pinker reassuring a resident of Damascus, Tripoli or Gaza that war, disease, and slavery are happily on the decline worldwide as outright sadistic, if we imagined for a moment that the book was aimed at them.

A large part of the discussion was given to the issue of the gender pay gap, with Newman citing the mere seven women CEOs of FTSE companies, and the lower pay they receive relative to their male peers. They are also more likely to have taken career breaks and reduced working hours in order to have children. Thus, any pay and status difference is the result not of institutional or structural prejudice, but of biology, and the mainstream aspiration of equality of outcome in pay between genders is a doomed one.

A couple more red pills down, and we start hearing that this pattern has had disastrous ethnic consequences, because as whites breed less effectively, they no longer compete demographically with ethnic minorities. The first step in this series of ideas where we find Peterson is an unremarkable enough form of sexism. To take CEOs as the representative or most important cases, as Newman and Peterson both intuitively do, is to betray a comparative indifference to the serious pay differentials within and between crucial sectors further down the social scale indeed, often along racial as well as sexual lines.

The success of elite women does not facilitate the emancipation of lower-paid sisters in the economy. Our obsession with boardrooms has not only failed to close the pay gap for working-class women, but produced another kind of pay gap - the gap between women at the bottom and women at the top.

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Let us put aside our earlier criticisms of the biological determinism that permits Peterson to claim that women just naturally approach work differently. What we have seen to be an under-valuing of labour pertaining to social reproduction in the paid economy — the medical, caring, social, and educational work that goes into sustaining a population, and mainly done by women — has its concomitant in the unpaid part. This relation has reached a crisis point in our own neoliberal moment. Like the globe-trotting escapades of Indiana Jones, the adventures of the lead characters of Missing Link span numerous different countries, allowing the LAIKA animators to create all sorts of richly detailed environments for Frost and company to inhabit.

Gigantic monkey statues, an Old West town, a forest where you can see every hand-made blade of grass, the backgrounds in Missing Link alone are just stunning to take in. Also carried over from a prior production specifically Kubo and the Two Strings is the ability to execute exciting action sequences, particularly in one pivotal set piece set at sea. This sequence concerns William Stenk chases after our three lead protagonists on a boat during a thunderstorm that sees everything around the characters shifting constantly.

You see, the boat is being tossed around so thoroughly in the storm that everything can get turned upside down or tilted to a profound degree in a manner that reminded me of the hotel hallway fight scene in Inception. One can only imagine how they were able to pull off such a sequence in the format of stop-motion animation but it's an impressive and thrilling sight to behold. The global distribution and relative prestige of vineyards and grape varieties has more to do with luck and politics than with decisions made by any kind of Greater Power.

What if the great port of the middle ages had been Marseilles? The Romans drained the Maremma in Tuscany over 2, years ago, but sadly their efforts were allowed to fall into disrepair and this region had to wait until the 20th century to be recognised for its potential to produce great wine. What if the great and good of Florence had paid as much attention to it as they did to Chianti?

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  5. On the other hand, the Hunter Valley owes its vinous existence to the happy chance of the first fleet having anchored in Sydney rather than Melbourne… I could go on. According to Andrew F. While the poor may have experimented with them, far from being part of Italian culinary tradition, cooks preparing dishes for the aristocracy shunned the very idea of having anything to do with tomatoes. The first written reference to an Italian tomato-based sauce dates from the late s.