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Beautifully told, with a poignant conclusion, "A Message from Charity" has a unique story, perfectly suited for the Twilight Zone, concerning a sweet Puritan girl, circa , "connecting" with an intelligent teenage 16 year old in somehow when both are suffering from illness deriving from tainted water known to exist in that particular area of Massachusetts, a fever which seems to be a sort of psychic catalyst allowing the two to see through each other's eyes, feeling the same sensations, sensing the same thoughts even when they are not speaking.

Kerry Noonan the strawberry blond who becomes a Jason Voorhies victim, blood splattered all over her cabin in "Friday the 13th Part IV: Jason Lives" and Robert Duncan McNeill Tom Paris of "Star Trek Voyager" are Charity and Peter respectively, the two who, through their marvelous, miraculous link, fall in love with each other even though they have over years separating them.

Imagine Charity seeing the clouds from the point of view of an airplane, or Peter seeing the land before mankind's overpopulated occupancy removes the beauty that once existed. Charity gets to read books through Peter's eyes that would not be written for quite some time, this second sight allowing her to. When, however, Charity informs a friend of certain details such as man's walking on the moon, automobiles, and television, Peter realizes that this could lead to a Salem witch trial while the water is tainted in other areas of the Puritan villages, only Charity's seems to be drinkable, as well as, her survival of the fever only encourages such superstitions.

Will Charity suffer the same fate as others falsely accused of witchcraft? Can Peter determine, through the history books at his disposal in his school's library, if she is spared such a fate?

James Cromwell Babe has a small role as Charity's father, Obediah, worried for his daughter he lost her mother who died giving birth to Charity , as the Salem witch trial offers a possibly horrible fate for the girl. The final scene, where Charity informs Peter of a special surprise located at a certain place off the beaten path, tugs on the heart-strings and is positively romantic.

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The two leads are just delightful; the fact that their love, while incredible due to the mileage of time that comes between them, transcends the impossible thanks to the Twilight Zone. I consider the ending bittersweet as Peter has to accept and come to terms with a decision by Charity, but what they share is truly special. The kid is at ease, quite confident, just knowing the test will be a piece of cake.

Instead of looking relieved about how calm and sure he is, the parents Christopher Allport and Elizabeth Norment appear less than enthusiastic. Sets and matte work of the future-city not too shabby considering the tale is ten minutes tops. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Remember these two stories fondly and in the first, set in the not too distant future, we see a young boy preparing for examination day, the state i. The boy is slightly puzzled as to his parents anxiety as some of his friends have already done it already and eventually goes off to do the test.

Upon arriving he is given an injection and is curious as to why. The examiner smiles and tells him that it is just to make sure he tells the truth. The boy then asks, puzzled again, why wouldn't he? It is later and the parents are sitting waiting worriedly by the screen when a message appears and declares that the state are sorry, but their son's i. A corker of a concluding scene!

A Message From Charity was a heart warming story about a fluke mental connection between a girl from the past and a guy from the present.

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Which pans out into a weird story of witchcraft accusations in the past and delving into the history pages in the present. A nice story with a heartwarming conclusion. In a dystopian future, twelve year old Dickie Jordan Mendenhall is excited to take his state- mandated intelligence examination; his parents, however, are nervous about how he'll do.

This short episode is a fine example of the value of knowing exactly how much television time a clever idea will bear. Philip DeGuere's script based on Henry Slesar's short story avoids wasting time on needless exposition, instead substituting natural-sounding dialogue between members of a family on the day of a threshold event for their child. DeGuere also effectively works off of our expectations regarding the ramifications of the exam to set up an incredibly effective and, within the world established in the story, equally logical twist to the episode.

The effective contrast between Dickie's youthful optimism about his chances of success on the examination, and his parent's trepidations are nicely served by the script and by the performances, as it's hard not to be rooting for Dickie to be successful. The direction, production design and costume design are also noteworthy, as each helps to set up a world or time-frame that is not quite ours, but close enough to have some eerie implications today more than ever.

These touches eliminate the need for clunky exposition, and make the episode move briskly, even for its short running time.

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This is an episode that earns its ending, and earns the right to be mentioned in the same league if perhaps not quite at the same level as the great episodes of the original series, such as "Time Enough at Last" -- a story that relies upon the same type of tragic irony as that in "Examination Day" to make its impact.

This a good episode of The New Twilight Zone that actually includes interesting ideas and clever stories I note both of them are based on short stories. The kid is this story, Dickie Jordan David Mendenhall is just celebrating his own 12th birthday and is a smart kid, so is calm, even eager to take the test that he has seen friends pass easily and knows he will excel at based on his school grades.

His parents Christopher Allport and Elizabeth Norment , on the other hand, say he shouldn't have used his birthday wish on getting a good score, and while their reason includes that they believe he's capable and he should have no need to worry, it's pretty obvious they are worried. I won't give anything away in the ending, but I will say this - there's a point where we get a glimpse of what's to come as far ass why the test is such a heavy subject: that evening or another?

By today's standards, we'd be pleased he'd say he'd rather read and not just because there's nothing worth watching The flavor of what's encouraged and discouraged in the future reminded me a bit of the atmosphere from Harrison Bergenon which I hear hasn't received a great adaptation to the screen. I only wish they could've provided an opening and closing narration to make this theme as powerful as The Obsolete Man was. I found it to be better than the short story it was based on.

I haven't read the one that "A Message from Charity" was based on, but would like to since it was interesting - a year-ld boy, Peter Robert Duncan McNeill is suffering a fever from unclean water, that has always been common in his Massachusetts hometown They both recover, especially since it's common for that to happen in , but the connection doesn't go away.

Twilight Child by Sally Warner

Charity is curious about the sights and sounds she records of and they each enjoy each other's company, especially Peter, who has promoted grades in school enough to always have felt isolated from other students, even at the college he's been staying in one place at. Things take an unexpected turn, though, when Charity reveals some of these experiences to a friend who take her claims that the 13 colonies will breach from England as a sign of bewitchment, added to the fact that she was spared death from the fever not so common in The two try to learn a way to save her. The ending is sad but has an interesting final moment that makes it touching.

A kid is studying hard for his exams and his parents are really worried about the outcome, although not for the reason you might expect. I saw it in two parts, and the extended running time made for a fuller, more satisfying production. It's a straightforward time travel-type storyline in which a young geeky guy from the s finds himself with a psychic connection to a Puritan girl living her life centuries in the past.

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Things go swimmingly for a while, but then others find out about the girl's powers and she ends up being accused of witchcraft. The plotting makes great sense actually and the story is fine, with enough of budget to do the historical scenes justice. I also liked the various twists and turns in the narrative. The acting could have been better, but for the most part this is refreshingly decent. Quentintarantado 3 April This one and "Her Pilgrim Soul" are two of my favorite episodes in this new version of Twilight Zone.

As I mentioned in my comment on the new series, there's something lacking in this new series. The widowed Mrs Brandon has great plans for her only daughter. It is a complication that she has no idea of the elusive Lord Cullen's intentions. A Twilightale by Rose White reviews When Isabella Swan loses her family to illness she has to work as a servant in the palace of the Royal Cullen family.

Love Story by the newest cullen reviews In the rigid high society of the late s, the children of two rival families defied them all and fell in love. Based on Taylor Swift's "Love Story. Wrenfield Hall by Wannabe Charlotte reviews In s England, Bella finds herself without home or family when her father dies. She secures a position as a housemaid in a country manor belonging to Lord Edward Masen. The two form a bond that is threatened by class differences and Edward's past.

But now, as the traditional celebration in which royalty gathers from all over to take part in a series of balls occurs, will her world take a turn beyond her wildest dreams? Jan 23, Susan rated it it was amazing. I found it to be an interesting read.

A Song At Twilight

The only book this year that I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Dec 21, Ade Couper rated it it was ok. I am a big Conan Doyle fan: These tales are less well-known, I think mainly because they're not that good. Conan Doyle was evangelical in his belief in the Spirit World, and many of these tales purport to show the influence of "others", but frankly they don't stick in the mind at all. The only tale which does is the 1st in the volume, "The Brown Hand", with its story of a ghost seeking to right an This was The only tale which does is the 1st in the volume, "The Brown Hand", with its story of a ghost seeking to right an injustice Library or Secondhand would be my recommendation.

Feb 25, Robert Hepple rated it really liked it. Tales of Twilight and the Unseen is a collection of 12 short stories, most of which were first published in the late 19th century. Not surprisingly, the stories include elements of supernatural and the macabre at time.

What did surprise me, in my ignorance of the author, was the inclusion of some tales that are both light-hearted and humorous. Jan 14, Delk rated it liked it. It was okay, hindered a bit by the fact that I already read Lot No. Others, like De Profundis, haven't aged that well. Sep 02, Jim Puskas rated it it was ok Shelves: Far from being Doyle's best work and dated style as with all his work but fairly good light reading.

A couple of the stories, notably "Lot No. The book will be of interest primarily to Doyle fans. Nov 28, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a nice read. Some short stories were particulary interesting. Navigation menu Will events draw them together or drive them apart?