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Environmental sociology "I'm looking at the effects of waste--especially paper waste--how it biodegrades, and then I'm researching students' attitudes toward recycling. Making a difference "I want to make a difference and do something different every single day. Ben Black '19 Ben Black transferred to Bluffton as a chemistry major, but soon added physics and mathematics majors. Tough love There are so many people on this campus who have helped me.

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Jarod Siekman "I think there's a lot of cool math ideas that you can teach students even if it doesn't really apply to the curriculum. Competitive internship The summer between your junior and senior year is a really crucial time to do something to promote yourself and get extra experience someone else might not have. Jayden Groppi '19 Jayden Groppi '19, spent his summer exploring culture and self, both locally and abroad. Bluffton PR intern I got a feel for what doing graphic design full time is like. Faculty support For Seth Regula, a senior music major, making connections on the business side of the music industry is key to his future.

Scarlett Purtee '21 Scarlett Purtee, a sophomore criminal justice major, has dealt with everything from lost cell phones to line jumpers to rowdy light night crowds as a security officer at Cedar Point. Lucas Keller '19 Transfer student Lucas Keller designed his own major, "the sociology of community development," which incorporates classes from sociology, economics and political science.

Destiny Grant '19 Destiny Grant, a psychology major and criminal justice minor from Belle Center, Ohio, came to Bluffton as a nervous freshman. Bailey Baker '21 At the end of May, Bailey Baker, an early-childhood education and intervention specialist double major from Toledo, Ohio, witnessed the "cutest thing" she had ever seen. Tyler Avila '18 Ask senior Ty Avila his plans for the future, and he'll tell you, "I have big dreams. Alexis Link '21 For Alexis Link '21, sound and color collide in amazing ways due to a sensory condition known as synesthesia.

The Witmarsum Bluffton University's student news organization, "The Witmarsum," has surpassed its content goal by 50 stories this year and has certainly undergone a transformation in the past two years. Peace book club During the spring semester, more than 20 faculty and staff members gathered weekly to discuss the importance of a peaceable vision of education in and beyond Mennonite schools, colleges and universities.

Ryan Golden '18 Ryan Golden, a senior from Findlay, Ohio, is standing out on the baseball field for both his batting average and his unique mustache styling. Wyatt Baer '18 Wyatt Baer '18 from Marshallville, Ohio, didn't choose an ordinary academic plan for graduation. Hannah Brown '20 Hannah Brown '20, a graphic design major from Findlay, Ohio, traveled more than 1, miles away from home with the help of a little pixie dust to take part in an extraordinary internship experience. Sarah Heydinger '21 Sarah Heydinger '21 of Tiro, Ohio, is jumping hurdles in the classroom and on the track as she works to balance her academic and athletic ambitions.

Tajah Upshaw '21 Tajah Upshaw '21, a criminal justice major from Lima, Ohio, explored the broad stereotypes she and other women of color have experienced. Jacob Hill '19 Jacob Hill, a business administration and accounting double major, was recently elected student senate president.

Micah Hunsberger '18 Micah Hunsberger '18 has spent three consecutive summers furthering his knowledge of computer programming through paid internships at Tempus Technologies in Auburn, Ind. Beaver Reveal ''18 The identities of J. Denny and Jenny Beaver are a tightly guarded secret at Bluffton University. Lydia Sorensen '20 For Lydia Sorenson, a sophomore from Ada, Ohio, college is presenting the opportunity to discover new routes to achieve her academic goals.

Jeff Gundy To his students, Jeff Gundy, the professor of English is known for the striking way he begins each class. Kimberly Meyer '17 Kimberly Meyer, a music and music education double major from Defiance, Ohio, decided to step outside of her comfort zone by completing her student teaching experience in a completely new setting--Chicago. Nathan Otto '18 Nathan Otto '18, a middle childhood education major from Orrville, Ohio, spent the fall semester in Chicago for his student teaching experience.

Andrew Renner '20 For Andrew Renner the saying like father like son applies to his college experience. Micah Roberson '17 Micah Roberson, one of the most highly decorated football student-athletes in Bluffton history, nearly gave up the dream of going to college. Mark Bias Mark Bias has worked at Bluffton for 11 years and can typically be found in the Bluffton University Event Complex cleaning or managing student workers.

Emily Short '18 Emily Short wears many hats. Chanhee Hwang '19 For Chanhee Hwang '19, a business administration major, college has been both a rewarding and a challenging time. Emily Griffith '18 After taking part in three successive internships, senior Emily Griffith, is gaining a lot of experience in the field of accounting. Kelsey May '20 Kelsey May is jumpstarting her career in the field of nursing with a unique opportunity. Austin Every '17 Austin Every '17 experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. Maria Hernandez '19 Maria Hernandez, a mathematics and physics double major, is engaging and growing in her Mennonite faith while offering her voice and insight to the community.

Kris Lyons '18 Kris Lyons '18 spent the summer shadowing radiation oncologists at the Cleveland Clinic. Katelyn Amstutz '19 Katelyn Amstutz, a junior biology major from Dalton, Ohio, spent several weeks this summer analyzing viruses found on Ohio poultry farms and the vaccines that prevent them. Jason Summers '19 Jason Summers, an accounting and business administration double major, has spent the last two semesters as well as the summer learning outside of a traditional classroom setting of Bluffton.

Kala Jilani-Pritchett '18 Kala Jilani-Pritchett '18, a psychology major from Dayton, Ohio, took part in an experience this summer that offered insight into her future. Kasey Mohr '16 Kasey Mohr enrolled in Bluffton's blended degree-completion program while working full-time.

Katie Keesbury '18 Senior Katie Keesbury found her calling this summer, nearly 5, miles away from her hometown of Bryan, Ohio. Emma Eickholt '18 Emma Eickholt '18 spent the summer volunteering at Lima Memorial Health System to learn more about careers in speech-language pathology.

Erika Byler '18 Erika Byler '18, a communication major, found her calling this summer through the Ministry Inquiry Program. Hannah Conklin '20 Hannah Conklin, a sophomore convergent media major from Westerville, Ohio, spent the summer as an intern at Justin Kauffman '20 Justin Kauffman '20 gained vocational experience in the field of dentistry this summer by volunteering at a free community clinic. Amber Edwards '18 When Amber Edwards had the chance to take a creative writing class, she immediately signed up. Kevin Williams Kevin Williams admits what he's most looking forward to is the relationships he will be able to build on campus and within the community.

Takayla Gadberry '20 After witnessing the positive impact Stepping Stones had on her little brother, Takayla Gadberry decided to become part of the Cincinnati-area non-profit's team this summer. Lauran Brown '18 Lauran Brown '18 of Norwalk, Ohio, admits she wasn't the best student in high school. Sarah Oliver '19 Sarah Oliver '19, a biology major from Lexington, Ohio, came up with the idea for a summer research project from a place where many students come up with ideas--YouTube. Karen Klassen Harder Dr. April Misamore '18 April Misamore '18, a food and nutrition major from Findlay, Ohio, recently received two back-to-back recognitions that emphasize the hard work and dedication she's put into her academics.

Becky Boban '19 Becky Boban '19, an art and writing major from Madison, Ohio, recently received a unique honor with her poem "Built on the Breeze. Ollie Moorer '18 If you ever head to the weight room at Sommer Center, there's a good chance you'll run by Ollie Moorer either lifting weights, working on cardio or even clearing his mind with yoga. Masterworks Soloists Five Bluffton University students recently earned the chance to showcase their vocal talent in front of crowd gathered at Yoder Recital Hall for the annual Masterworks concert.

Tessa Short '18 Tessa Short was in a edition of the Bluffton alumni magazine when she was just 18 months old. Brista Drake '19 Sophomore Brista Drake is working on her second book. Demetrius Terry '20 At Bluffton, Demetrius Terry '20, a history education major from Columbus, Ohio, can often be found on the field or on the court, but he can also be found behind the mic.

Dietetics Students Each year, Bluffton University food and nutrition majors are asked to think outside of the recipe card to develop nutritious meals for Lunch and Learn. Brianna Keith '18 During the fall semester, Brianna Keith '18, a music major from Grafton, Ohio, explored the harmony between technology and music. Ceramics Students Bluffton University students who took ceramics in fall not only created bowls, plates and vases during the semester, they built a kiln to fire their pieces in.

Claire Clay '18 Claire Clay is a big fan of political dramas on television, she got to experience the drama, political intrigue and scandals in real life this fall. Janean Shannon '86 Bluffton alumnae, assistant to the business manager, grandmother of six and nationally and internationally ranked heptathlon medalist Janean Franklin '86 Shannon continues to conquer.

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Bradley Hardesty '20 At 16, many students are focused on getting their licenses and looking forward to their junior year of high school rather than considering their college careers. Eric Beachy Bluffton University's Eric Beachy, a food and nutrition major from Millersburg, Ohio, has a year plan, and it's ambitious.

Rowena Zuercher '20 Rowena Zuercher '20 took a gap year between high school graduation and her freshman year at Bluffton University to work with the active service groups in Los Angeles. Adam Craig Adam Craig, Bluffton's newly-hired golf coach, took an unconventional path to the green. Chelsea Zoltowski '18 During the summer of , Chelsea Zoltowski, a chemistry major from Toledo, was part of a team using biomimicry in their study of geckos.

Alicia Rodriguez '16 Just hours after walking across the graduation stage, Alicia Rodriguez '16 boarded a plane for a flight which would take her halfway around the world to Bangladesh. Meg Short '16 Recent Bluffton University graduate Meg Short '16 from Archbold, Ohio, has undertaken a year of voluntary service work to discover more about the poverty and the conflict that exists within the world.

Tyler Rotstein '18 Tyler Rotstein, a junior business administration major and football player, is competitive on the field and on the track, but not the track many might be thinking. Jamie Lyn Smith Bluffton University's newest addition to the English faculty is spearheading a new initiative for the university. Madeleine Elwell '19 When Madeleine Elwell returned to campus for her sophomore year, she packed the typical items, but brought two new items--a sash and tiara as the Butler County Junior Fair Queen. Morganne Faler '19 After 11 years of showing animals through 4-H, this was Morganne Faler's final year of eligibility, she had never won the competition and her hog was named Grim Reaper.

Kenny Beeker '18 Kenny Beeker is delving into the heart and soul of his hometown this summer during a three-month Community Heart and Soul internship. Dean Walters '18 Dean Walters traveled, learned a new language and observed the treatment of diseases this summer, as he spent six weeks in Peru completing an immersive Spanish and medicine internship. Mary Bias From clay to cups, Mary Bias has been creating ceramic pieces since the beginning of her senior year at Bluffton.

May Day The May Day tradition of first-year students dancing around the Maypole holds a great significance for Cara Echols, a dancer who is wearing navy blue this year. Bourassa Family Mark Bourassa, assistant dean of students and director of the Bluffton University event complex, has welcomed a new addition to his family--a daughter named Andrea-- who was adopted from the Philippines. Darryl Nester '85 Dr. Phil Sugden Phil Sugden, assistant professor of art, along with his wife Carole and two videographers, traveled to Havana, Cuba for winter break.

Kiera Suffel '19 This past summer, Bluffton University Freshman and cross country runner Kiera Suffel got to experience life in Costa Rica as she went there on a trip with a Spanish club. John Burkhart '94 From the beginning of his college career through his first year of teaching full time, the one thread that has remained consistent for John Burkhart, assistant professor of accounting, is Bluffton University. Volleyball bonding Head volleyball coach Steve Yarnell traveled more than 1, miles to cross something off his bucket list. Carrie Phillips Carrie Phillips curated an exhibition of Bibles from the s in connection with the August observance of the th anniversary of the building of the first Mennonite church in the Bluffton-Pandora area.

Jackie Wyse-Rhodes Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, assistant professor of religion, has always enjoyed sending and receiving mail. Scott Sharik While he's still a relative newcomer to campus--arriving just last March as director of human resources--Scott Sharik has quickly come to appreciate the university's four enduring values. Tyson Goings Tyson Goings is coming back in order to give back. Creating Together A new course this semester has had students spending part of their time learning about various cultures, and the other part cooking their cuisines.

More than peace Several Bluffton students heard stories of nonviolence from an unlikely felon and explored peacemaking methods to build a bridge between faiths at this year's Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship Conference. Chad Shutler When the women's basketball team defeated Defiance, the players were ecstatic with the win but little did they know it was the th of Coach Chad Shutler's career at Bluffton.

Darryl Nester After discovering the hidden complexities of a seemingly simple board game, Darryl Nester programmed an online version of it that has recently been recognized by the game's creator. Rebuilding hope Bluffton's vice president for fiscal affairs spent a week with Mennonite Disaster Service MDS repairing homes in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, for families that had given up hope their homes could be whole again.

Steve Yarnell Steve Yarnell didn't always want to be a volleyball coach, but 10 years into his tenure at Bluffton, it's working out pretty well. Matt Friesen Moving from pastor to professor, Matt Friesen believes that a strong and supportive community lies at the heart of the Anabaptist tradition. Dan Berger Professor Dan Berger was a Boy Scout for just a couple years as a kid, but, as an adult, he has rejoined with an enthusiasm he thinks will last well into retirement.

Student internships Two Bluffton students, Matthew McCoy and Daniel Piero, are among 20 nationwide selected for an internship with one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. Audra Hammond For Audra Hammond, physical exercise can be hard to come by. Rae Staton With the considerable help of a dozen volunteers and several donors, campus counselor Rae Staton had more than 80 Bluffton-themed hats to give to those who had their heads shaved to combat cancer. Perry Bush Two years ago, Dr.

Bob Antibus The professor of biology serves as a volunteer commissioner at the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, and is pleased with the growth he has seen in the Allen County parks' popularity. The BWA conducts a wide variety of programming ranging from awareness and education activities, conservation and stewardship-in-action programming, to technical workshops designed to engage, increase, and empower watershed stakeholders to carryout voluntary watershed protection measures.

A major component of the BWA is to provide outreach and education programming necessary to provide residents of Northwest Arkansas with the tools necessary to protect Beaver Lake. Skip to main content Press Enter. Securing the Nation's Future Through Water. Recreation Activities.

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