Back to School Tips and Ideas (Organizing Kids Made Easy Book 1)

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Here are some back-to-school classroom organization ideas that should help.

Help a Child Write a Story

Start the year off right and get things in order for back-to-school time. You can focus on teaching and shaping young minds, instead of trying to find that missing anchor chart. Start off your tasks by making a list of what you need to accomplish. Prioritize and then tackle the items on your list one by one. Here are some handy checklists to give you a place to start. Add your own tasks as you see fit. Spend a little time before school starts setting up your file cabinet, organizing digital resources , and refreshing your chart storage. Give students every opportunity possible to show pride in their work and be involved in displaying it, storing it, and sharing it with others.

Here are some ways to store and organize it in ways that encourage children for their efforts.

11 Smart Tips For A Road Trip With A Baby

Prepare a few things that help your classroom run smoothly and efficiently. Plan how your classroom will function, how materials will be stored and accessed, and how you will manage behavior. Here are a few tips:. Start the year off right by having your storage and organization just the way you want it and show students what your expectations are. Model good organization habits by having your room well-organized ahead of time to prime kids to keep it that way! Classroom Organization Ideas for Books and Reading For organizing your reading areas and displaying your classroom books, here are a few helpful ideas.

Classroom Organization Ideas for Math Set-up and Supplies Math manipulatives, worksheets, activities, and resources are often the hardest things to organize in a classroom. Read about how these teachers fixed that problem. Now check your email to find the latest resources for your classroom!

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Please try again. First Name. Personal Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. Using a computer allows you to focus on the content rather than your handwriting so you can get your thoughts out in the first draft.

Consider using dictation programs like Dragon dictatation software. Some students find that dictation allows them to be more creative and capture the details all at once.

Classroom Organization Ideas for Teacher Materials

You can also have a member of your family read it to you. Several free apps make recording easy and convenient. Listen to assigned books in audio form, reading along in the hard copy. Ask your parents or a teacher to help you sign up for access to recorded books and other written materials.

Classroom Organization Ideas You Won't Believe You Did Without – Proud to be Primary

Bookshare , Audible and Learning Ally are just a few companies that make tens of thousands of audio recordings from text. Additionally, Amazon has teamed up with Audible to link up audio recordings with Kindle books, so you can read along with the text.

Back to School Organisation - Small Makeover to Kids Room - How to cover a book with clear adhesive

The program is called Whispersync. If you have access to a newer computer, tablet or other electronic device, set it up to read your papers, notes and a range of other materials back to you. Macs do this within their accessibility settings, but there are many other options for software and apps that read text for both Macs and PCs. Consider investing in a Livescribe SmartPen if you take a lot of notes in class and are stressed about not getting it all down on paper.

Embrace Simple Tools

The device can eliminate note-taking anxiety because it captures everything the student hears and writes. You can transfer notes and recordings to a computer, and easily search and organize them for homework study. The audio recording can be slowed down or speeded up as needed, and a specific section of any recording can be played back simply by tapping that part of your written notes. If you already have a draft written, the extra pair of eyes is helpful to catch typos, spelling mistakes, or incomplete details and ideas.

Your teachers and peers can be great resources for solidifying topics you are learning. Talk with your teachers to be sure you understood the material, and talk through the main ideas of the lectures with your peers to help form your own thoughts and understanding. Request extra time on tests.

5 Ways to Develop Your Child's Organizational Skills

Extra time on examinations is a necessity. The amount of extra time cannot be determined from testing but should be based on your own experiences. The first time you request this accommodation, you might want to request double time. Embrace the Power of Dyslexia Believe in yourself. Dyslexia teaches you to budget your time and work hard, and that work ethic will help you no matter what you decide to do in life. Talk to others who are dyslexic and listen to success stories from other dyslexic individuals.