Naked Mole Rats in the World of Darkness: A Burlesque about Men and Women

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Northwest Paddling Festival Find canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, paddling equipment, accessories, and gear for purchase, take a tour down Issaquah Creek, learn about new water sports in seminars, and more. Yakima River Canyon Bird Fest Longtime and budding birders can see native passerines and birds of prey on guided field trips, hear lectures, and more. This year will also feature a centennial celebration of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Stolen Away: A New Work This production by Vertical Arts adapts the myth of Persephone to our era of news coverage and tabloids, using video footage and poetry.

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Meet the sun-loving creature from its creator, Dani Dodge, and pick up some prints. Chance Fashion's Swimwear Edition Check out swimwear creations from local fashion designers. Shot Prov Well, this sounds a little dangerous: Improvisers violate secret rules secret from them, that is as they play and must take a shot every time they do so. Poor things!

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After five shots, they're booted off the stage, presumably for their own safety. Reptile Expo Thinking of bringing a new scaly pet into your life? Learn about all sorts of reptilian creatures by meeting them and by chatting with experts. Tuxes and Tails Gala Support Seattle Humane's Fund-A-Need project "Saving the Unsavable," which provides veterinary and behavior care to pets considered unadoptable at most shelters, at this swaggy fundraiser.

They'll have live and silent auctions, dinner, a "celebrity and pet runway show" featuring adoptable pets, and more. Volunteer your time and get rewarded with breakfast, pizza, and "trash contest" prizes. Nordic Puget Soundtrack Get your hygge on by watching a time-lapse documentary that captures Norway in changing seasons, set to a live score by local prog rockers Postcard from the Badlands.

You can also snack on Nordic treats. Plus, there'll be beer and wine, live music, and asparagus-themed dinner specials at some nearby restaurants. Spring Garden Party To celebrate Bottlehouse opening up their garden for spring, sip wines from Locus alongside menu specials and take in live music from Modern Bygones.

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Band Crush feat. Rice, Infideltek, and Dark Side of the Tune. Prom Date Mixtape Let '80s new wave and synth-pop tribute group Prom Date Mixtape take you back a few decades for their show of "'80s dance attack. Marilyn Bennett will direct.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking This podcast offers a dose of un-everyday frankness: Guests answer the question "How are you? Allegory Local storytellers will share "intimate and personal journeys through life, love, relationships, trauma and tragedy. Joining her will be local business owner Alison Conroy, who will share her personal story about living with mental illness. Learn more about it over beer, wine, and food at their opening party. Iain S. Thomas South African-based poet Iain S.

Thomas will read from and sign copies of his blog-turned-book I Wrote This for You , which he wrote under the pseudonym pleasefindthis. Saturday University: From Factory to Fashion Blogs and back again Asian women and girls are immensely important to modern textile and apparel industries, but their perspectives are largely ignored.

In contrast, since the s, Asian fashion bloggers and creators have risen in prominence. Professor Minh-Ha Pham will lecture on these two kinds of Asian women's work in the fashion business. The Bikery Bash The Chinatown bike shop's annual fundraiser will feature a raffle, homemade food, drinks, a live set from DJ Bike Curious, a track stand competition, an appearance from the legendary "Bikery Alley Kitty," and more.

Mother's Day Wreath Making Workshop Make your mom a flower wreath from local flora and fauna with Studio Bloom while sipping chocolate beverages from indi chocolate. Bonsai Fest! The Puget Sound Bonsai Association's annual spring show will feature bonsai-making demonstrations by experts Tony Fajarillo and Frank Heid, a "best in show" competition, an exhibition of bonsai-inspired art, Living Art of Bonsai: Elements of Design , and free tours.

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Seattle Rock Orchestra — The Beatles: Number Ones Seattle Rock Orchestra perform rock and pop filtered through an orchestral lens, and they'll attack the broad range of the Beatles' 1 hits this spring. Sinful in Seattle Glean all the hot gossip of Seattle's salacious history of "sex, drugs, crime, and corruption" from professional storytellers. Mother's Day Improv Mothers deserve much better from comedy than "yo' Mamma" jokes. That is, if she likes being mocked by improvisers.

Free and accessible to the public, this show will also feature Baroque Period instruments and a full orchestra. Arshia Sattar: Ramayana Arshia Sattar is one of the foremost translators of Indian text in the world and is known for her editions of Kathasaritsagara and Valmiki's Ramayana. For her appearance at the bookstore, she'll present her book for children, Ramayana: An Illustrated Retelling , which recounts the story of Prince Rama's attempt to rescue the beautiful Sita from her demon kidnapper. Things to Do May 8, Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events.

Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle. This Week's Issue Print Archives. Check it out. Through a series of arguments, physical battles, and dance sequences, the fractured relationship builds to a point of near destruction. Vulva is being killed by the thousand cuts that we a society have internalised — that women have to be a thousand different things every day — that we are here predominantly to entertain — and that our sexual selves are insignificant.

That is until Vulva rises from the ashes and attempts to heal the severed connection between itself and the Brain. It takes courage to put this much questing vulnerability into a performance, but it pays off by resonating with, I imagine, every woman in its audience. This show will take you on an emotional journey — and hopefully, ultimately, a healing one. Whore — the modern sex worker has to be a lot of things to a lot of people.

After a Murderous Rise to the Top, a Naked Mole-Rat Queen Reigns Supreme

The show begins like a cabaret of strippers; different strippers talk about their experiences — and strip. She is effervescent in all red underwear. She looks a bit like a young Liv Tyler and her dancing is A-maze-ing. Tonight she is her stripper alter ego Holly, who has yet to confess to her mother what her real job is.

We see Holly on a typical night, hustling for customers and being fined every time she looks at her phone by the woman who runs the club. It looks exhausting — gyrating for men whose breath smells of fags and idiotic city boys who want to save her but not pay her. The drunken dancing we saw earlier in the strip club is transformed into powerful, piston-like movements here in this dream-like parallel life, the lights descend to a dull green and she reconnects with her real self.

Ad Libido was selected for Litmus Fest at the Pleasance Theatre last year and following a successful run at Vault and the Fringe, it now arrives at Soho theatre. Told with warmth and sincerity, she keeps nothing back as she reads verbatim from her teenage diaries, describes her admiration for dolphins in coitus and recounts her adventures at a sex camp.

This is ultimately an uplifting show about self-acceptance and self-expression — and Doing It on your own terms. The worst piece of theatre I ever saw was at Edinburgh in They proceeded, over the next hour, to demonstrate this by showing video and audio clips of sad things and then showing that they were unaffected by them; Bambi dies, nothing, Pheobe in Friends gives up her babies, nothing. The video clips got increasingly graphic until the point where the show became offensive. They started playing audio clips of the last surviving moments of people who died in the Twin Towers — the calls they made to their loved ones before they were killed in the September 11 attacks.

They stood in front of them and shrugged. So very little thought or imagination had gone into the show, it was astounding. Quite the opposite, in fact, I got the sense that rather a lot of thought and even care had gone into, say, considering the exact amount of pressure the performers could apply to our heads in order to tilt them backwards and pour cheap booze down our throats without causing any actual pain.

Inside a warehouse near Welwyn Garden City, me and my fellow victims were asked to strip and change into black t-shirts and shorts, then dragged by actors dressed in a plastic-y black suit with something like a charcoal pore minimising mask on their face one by one to another room where we were made to stand against the wall.

The viscous liquids and periods of passive waiting continued for a couple of hours. It was at best, a bit boring and at worst extremely unpleasant — we got so cold from the liquids on our bodies that we were shaking with the cold. There was a bit where we had just been covered in a poo-like substance that contained coffee grounds and were encouraged to jump up and down very closely together, so the gritty bits scratched our skin.

During the final part of the evening, the actors changed into angelic white gowns. But no. They had us lay down and then shone really intense strobe lighting in our eyes for far too long — ten minutes maybe? There was a moment of calm, when they laid a silvery fabric over us. And maybe he thinks he has. Maybe no-one close to him has had a chance to have a quiet word in his ear and explain that making people feel cold, bored and uncomfortable is not a unique route to creating a mind-altering experience.

I was so intrigued by the scientist quoted in the Wired article who seemed to be totally convinced by Sean Rogg and wanted to turn the show into an experiment — according to the headline — I gave him a call. Also — maybe Sean had begun to achieve something wonderful in these chapters and then took a wrong turn with this latest one.

Naked by the river by Mike Folie

In this case — a thoroughly unpleasant experience, somewhat akin to an evil day spa. The resulting feeling was less evocative of transcendental experience and more akin to a boring, wet weekend of camping. A bit miserable and cold — but at least you can go home and have a hot shower at the end. By all accounts, chapters one through three focused more on sensual pleasure than discomfort, and perhaps this is a better way to achieve the euphoria he is aiming for. Accompanied by a live band, the show opens with Bernie herself climbing into the audience, singing and coaxing by turns, she encourages a group of men to stroke each other and then carry her on to the stage.

The show changes depending on where Bernie is performing, but the acts are always a mix of circus and cabaret with a modern twist. On this occasion, we are treated to gender-bending contortionism from aerialist gymnast Beau Sargent, whose act is beautiful in its precision and disturbing in its twistiness.

Kitty Bang Bang, who I first saw over a decade ago, is now one of the darlings of the burlesque scene. Her act involves fire eating and fire… nipples. She then shows us the picture, blown up to 12 inches by six inches, and the two do look uncannily similar. Until 23 June. Tickets at underbellyfestival. Renovations are still underway, restricting the stage to a small room with a metal fence overlooking the cavernous, inaccessible works below.

Similarly, Sir Toby Belch becomes Lady Toby Anna Franklin , a lewd lover of booze and song — and Feste, the fool, is a delightfully boisterous Hannah Francis, who plays piano and trumpet and sings a bit like Shirley Bassey. Send all your A-level students! Mouthpiece by Kieran Hurley was a hit at Edinburgh last year when it premiered at the Traverse Theatre. The text refers to the Traverse and the two actors have Scottish accents, the action is set in Edinburgh. So it feels a little incongruous being performed in the middle of Soho. But there is something effective and faintly disconcerting about a firmly middle class, theatre-going audience coming to see a play about class differences and effectively being made to face the fact they are mere voyeurs to a tale of working-class poverty.

One night, on the precipice of suicide, she encounters Declan, a young lad from a poor family living on the outskirts of Edinburgh.