The Trailrider Guide to Northern Spain (The Trailrider Guides.)

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She was a wealth of information. So easy to talk with. Her English was excellent. She made the tour such an enjoyable and interesting experience! Our tour guide, Susan, was actually British, but she has lived in Venice for 25 years. We did the Secret Itineraries tour of the palace where we went into some of the prison cells and learned about some of the famous prisoners like Jacomo Casanova. Susan was very entertaining and made the stories come to life.

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We especially liked that each person on the tour, there were about 12 of us, had their own headset to wear. It really helped us to be able to hear what Susan was saying as we walked up and down staircases, etc. Great tour! We were unsure if we wanted to do guided tours, and are so glad we did! In particular, our tour of the Uffizi was excellent - the tour guide was so knowledgeable and really made the experience special. Only thing I would not recommend is booking two tours in one day - can be a lot! Your operator By: Travelbug Reviewed on: 15 May Friendly knowledgeable English speaking guides!

By: Nancy H Reviewed on: 27 May We had two pre-reserved tours in Florence, Italy. The first was the city bike tour. It was a blast! Our guide, Martina, was fun, energetic, and taught us a lot! The bicycles were in very good condition and had a basket to carry a few items-a bottle of water that was included. They use radios that come in great thru the ear buds. We made several stops and towards the end-a complimentary dish of delicious Gelato! Some of the roads are cobblestone and the streets are quite busy with cars and pedestrians, but we really enjoyed it!

The other pre-reserved tour was a full day trip to Cinque Terre. It was a two hour ride from Florence. Our guide and driver for the day in the clean, spacious van was Alessandro. He was a wonderful, easy going and informative guide. What a wonderful day trip which included stops in Manarola, Riomaggiore, and a delicious lunch on the piazza in Vernazza.

Very reliable By: Mare Reviewed on: 17 Jun The driver for Florencetown was punctual and pleasant. He made a long ride very comfortable. Our trip and tour guide to Cinque Terre were wonderful. It was a great day trip and we loved every minute of our time there! Florencetown tours By: Miriam Reviewed on: 28 Jul Organized and efficient. This trail has the lot: great riding on truly exceptional horses, stunning scenery, wonderful food, and a highly-expert trail guide in Rudi. All so perfectly organised that it runs like clockwork.

As for the delightful chapel, it must have taken them hours to light all those candles! Still it made for a romantic atmosphere: two members of our group were unofficially married in that chapel! A bonus was a stay at the hotel and restaurant run by David, the amiable chef who prepares the food on the Gourmet Trail. Of course the food there was truly excellent. Thank you, David! This trail is tough but rewarding and absolutely worth the effort. So do what I did — take the plunge! This ride is right up there with the Namib Desert trail as one of the best trail rides in the world.

Quite simply if you enjoy trail riding; well mannered, hard fit horses; a small group of experienced riders; flawless organisation; magnificient scenery; changing terrain; challenging riding; a knowledgeable and entertaining guide; good food; and you don't mind roughing it a bit, then you must do this ride. We were captivated by the Catalan culture and awed by the majestic forests and mountain landscapes that unfolded each day. The horses on this ride were extremely fit and always seemed to enjoy their work as much as their quiet time at the end of the day.

Rudy and his staff provided us just enough personal attention to boost our confidence and reward the very long days in the saddle. Throughout the 11 day ride, our group was constantly monitored and coached to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for both horse and rider. Rudy and Danny went out of their way to provide us a fun and worry-free holiday environment, comfortable accommodations and generous supplies of delicious food and wine at every picnic stop and camp site; for that we are truly grateful.

Even four days after returning home, my thoughts are still up in the mountains. I spent two amazing, exhausting and intense weeks with Rudi, his strong and sure-footed horses and people who started out being foreigners and became friends you cannot go through what we have experienced without relying on each other. The trail is tough and Rudi will tell you every night that it is going to be a very long day tomorrow so you will need a very good breakfast.

But be assured that it is all worth it since Rudi did an amazing job choosing the route and the camping sites. I have witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and impressive landscapes that kept changing! Every night we were welcomed either in a lovely hostel or a camp that was already prepared perfectly, there was always a cold beer waiting for us.

Imagine you arrive at the camp after a long day and you find an old chapel, all over decorated with candles, and a three-course menu almost ready. Even in tough situations Rudi aka MacGyver stayed absolutely calm and handled everything admirably well. This might have been my first trail with him but not my last one for sure! A brilliant ride with superbly fit horses and the best food ever eaten where's the cookbook?

Some of the most spectacular scenery we have ever ridden through. And a guide Rudi who provided speed and adventure with safety and organisation second to none, combined with moments of hilarity and fun. I can't speak highly enough of this ride. Rudi cares for his horses to the highest standard and is proud of their abilities to climb up and down mountains and gallop along tracks in the most sure-footed way.

Falling asleep under a star covered sky to the sound of copper bells chiming in the distance, waking up when the first fingers of dawn light caress your face Being an avid "adventure trail rider" the minute I heard about the Andorra Trail I was certain it was for me It's a tough trail with long hours in the saddle, possible early starts, technical riding through mountainous terrain and not forgetting the ever changing weather This trail is a definite feast for the eyes, the scenery is breath taking and changes every day, such a variety of landscapes I've never experienced on any ride I've done before this was lucky number 13!!

I remember going to bed every night reflecting on the amazing day we had just experienced, always thinking that it can't get any better, but the next day would always surpass my expectations and leave me awe struck! The organisation of this trail is faultless, Rudi has it running like a well oiled machine! The food was amazing, as a coeliac I was slightly worried this might pose a problem but I never went hungry and there was an ample supply of coeliac friendly and gluten free food available!!

Dany and his team work so hard behind the scenes preparing the food, setting up camp and ensuring everything gets to where its supposed to be and countless other things that I'm sure I've forgotten to mention, but the enormous effort is much valued and very much appreciated!! Rudi is a great guide, he knows the area so well and he also knows his horses extremely well.

I will always remember his infectious good humour and booming laugh, even whilst cantering through a thunderstorm you could never have a "bad" moment!!! We were extremely lucky to have a back up guide with us on this trip, the lovely Ananas, I'm convinced this girl goes to bed smiling and wakes up smiling, such a beautiful energy and an extremely hard worker she was a fantastic addition to our group and there was never a dull moment!!!

I had an absolutely fantastic time on this trip and I would highly recommend it. One piece of advice I will give is to be flexible From the moment we were met at the airport I travelled alone but our group soon got chatting in the minibus! The horses were extremely fit and well looked after, the care and attention to instructions for tack and grooming, especially on our long and difficult trail, showed me early on that they were undoubtedly Rudi's priority. He made a big effort to match riders to suitable horses- I had underplayed my ability a little as I wasn't sure what to expect, and got a very quiet well behaved gentleman.

I actually swopped with another rider part way through as her horse was a little too much for her, and loved Jordan even more! It is important to be honest- these horses are not dull over-worked underfed holiday horses, they are spirited and fit, and feeling their enthusiasm still there on day 10 of a km trail is just fantastic! The particular trail I chose was challenging at times- steep climbs, narrow paths, fast canters, fast flowing rivers and quite a lot of walking down the hills. I loved every minute.

From start to finish, the food was fantastic, from gourmet meals to cowboy picnics, all washed down with seemingly unlimited quantities of 'vino tinto'. Our helpers Danny and Nacho worked tirelessly to ensure our camps were ready and our horses cared for after long days on the trail. Being guided by Rudi assisted by nacho through the country he clearly loves, spotting Chamois, wild horses, marmots and vulchers is an experience I will never forget.

I would recommend Panorama trails to anyone, especially those travelling alone as the welcome is so friendly and the arrangements are so good. Feel free to contact me for a reference! I think this was my 7th Trail with Rudi I was already enthusiastic about Rudi's trails, but this trail has surpassed everything! The combination of great, sure-footed and powerful horses, a great trail guide, the fantastic food and a gigantic nature experience has exceeded all! For any rider who is looking for the combination of sporty riding and the experience of unspoiled nature, this trail is an absolute must!

So, once again thanks a lot to Rudi and his team! Short Trail Description Andorra, France, Spain — 3 countries in 11 days — along a km trail the Andorra Trails offers probably the most challenging horse riding adventure in Europe. Riding Level. Trail Route. Day 1: Mediterranean coast — Andorra packing trip trail ride Transfer from the airport and spend the first night in a hotel on the Mediterranean coast. Day 2: Trail ride between two bays After an extensive breakfast, we get to know our horses and get ready to start our adventure! Day 4: The Garrotxa Mountains, wild and fearless In the morning, we follow the river upstream and then head along the mountain tracks at a fast pace with some long relaxed gallops.

Day 5: Red canyon like in Arizona The mountain landscape now subtly changes as we travel into the area of Alt Garrotxa with its deep valleys, craggy rock faces and thick oak forests. With a cosy campfire and a dinner in the refuge, we let this day come to an end. Day 6: Sierra Cavallera — Sierra of horses Above the clouds, we leave France and come back to Catalonia, passing through green mountain pastures and shady forests. Day 7: Endless alms — a feeling of Mongolia Today we have some spectacular climbs up on endless mountain meadows!

Day 8: Chamois in the Mongrony Massif Setting off, we once again emerge from the forests into the open mountain meadows. Day Land of the Cathars Quickly we cross the fertile plane of the Cerdanya. When passing the River Ter, our horses have to fight the water current. Here we are — beach to beach and three countries in just 10 days on horseback!


Day High Pyrenees of Andorra We keep a look out for marmots as we pass through beautiful mountain meadows and river valleys. After some challenging climbs, we reach our picnic spot at a hidden mountain lake. Day Hasta la vista, Pyrenees! After breakfast we say farewell and transfer to Barcelona. This route has a maximum rider weight limit of 85kg.

A Ride Of Two Halves - mtb - Spain

First day: on arrival dinner is at approx. Last day: before departure breakfast is at approx. Due to local conditions, a route change or amendment may be necessary. The Andorra Trail can be ridden in both directions. The tour operator reserves the right to substitute the described accommodations by equivalent if necessary. In order to perform the trail safely, there may be changes to the program due to unforeseen natural and weather conditions.

The resulting extra cost for accommodations deviating to the program cottages, mountain inns, hotels are not included in the price and will be charged separately on site. Please Note! Please book your flight on the day of departure from p. Important notice. Presentation, organization, photos and information by Rudi Stolz. Rideable Months. From: to: Price Book now Mon, Guest opinions. Kasina Bike Park is relatively new, having opened in in Poland.

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It is well worth a visit, however, since it is the biggest park in Poland. There are currently nine trails available with varying difficulty levels. There is a selection of cross country, downhill and enduro trails for beginners and more advanced riders. The founders of the park wanted to create a recreation area where you can train, improve and optimize your skills.

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