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Is it appropriate to have a ceremonial rifle as part of the honor guard in a church? I think weapons are not appropriate in churches. Thank you for your great question. The host wants us to post the Puerto Rican Flag as well. How do we go about it? My recommendation is, if it is an informal occasion, have a full set of colors preposted and come in to formally present the colors and depart.

If you cannot do that, post what you have. Hello and thank you for this informative article. Question: is it appropriate to post the colors while wearing a bowtie? Thanks for your help. Great question! Simple answer: No. What you are describing is a mess dress uniform and that is not authorized to be worn for presenting the colors.

Preface: I am not military or Law Enforcement. Just looking for some advice so we do the right thing in parades and ceremonies.

The Second Irish (Tiffany) Colors

When we march, we can carry up to six flags and to pikes. We always put the American flag in the proper place of honor, on its own right. However, there always seems to be confusion on where to place the remaining flags. They are as follows: Current Irish flag tri-color , Old Irish flag green field with gold harp , Catholic flag, NY State flag, and the Irish provincial flag represents the four ancient provinces of Ireland. In what order, starting from the American flag, should the rest be placed? Right guard 2. American on American soil 3. Current Irish foreign national 4.

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NY state states come after national 5. Catholic organizational flag 6. Old Irish previous foreign national not officially used 7. Irish Provincial ancient foreign national not officially used 8. Left guard.


Thank you very much. That is most helpful! Ignore the email I sent you. It was just incase this was not the appropriate place for this question. The color guard can enter and formally present the colors and then depart while a set of colors is pre-posted for the ceremony. If the team is actually going to post the colors, no other flags should be in the stands.

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I hope that helps. Have a scout group carrying a folded national standard for hoisting at the beginning of a Memorial Day service…. It all depends on the unit. Military color guards are required to be armed with rifles except in a chapel, then they are uncovered and unarmed.

Church-based color guards do not have armed guards. What is your experience when it comes to presenting colors for an event and one of the members is a no-show or is dropped last second due to an injury. What would you do if there is no backup and it is go time? I would think go with no secondary flag and present colors with the national flag bearer and two guards??? Hi Carlos, If you have two guards and an American flag bearer, you are good to go. Drill master, I just posted colors for an event there was four of us we had two rifles the American flag bearer and the Washington State flag bearer.

When we posted flags into their stands I was under the understanding that when they seated the flags then dress them that they took one step back and the person with the American flag was the only one to render a salute and then they both marched off what is the procedure for this and? There are several different ways to post the colors and you seem to have accomplished the mission with honor.

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Good Morning, we are having a July 4th parade are want to make sure we are doing things right. The Navy Color Guard will be front of the parade. When they arrive at the grand stand the national anthem will be sung by a young girl. When is the apporiate time to start singing? Is this a proper, rendering a hand salute while bearing the flag? Saluting while holding the flag is not proper.

When your hand is occupied with a flag, you do not salute. Most likely the majority of PGR members are former military and should know better. On the command, you and the other flag bearers would remain at Attention. Many, hold it in the left and render a hand salute, which is incorrect. Can you elaborate? What reference establishes this protocol or instruction to which, or all, Services?

Each set of service manuals drill and ceremonies, protocol, and flag explains when to dip the American flag, ceremonies are explained with reference to the Star Spangled Banner sung or played. We do not add to or take away from the protocols for these ceremonies and that includes recitation of the Pledge. We, in the military, do not have the Pledge as a part of any ceremony due to our oath. In a parade, does a national veterans service organization colorguard, such as the VFW, have a higher precedence order of unit line up than a non-veteran color guard such as the Shriners?

Great question. The organizers can and do place entrants however they wish. Where is that exactly written? What Flags do we Carry and in what Order? The organizational color would be last. All services must always march with their service color, it may not be replaced by any other flag. The Army is authorized to add a state, territory or foreign national color only one and can carry up to four flags, the rest being unit colors.

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They may add another three-man color guard for a foreign national color. The fraternal color can be omitted when presenting for local government functions. Some Tribal teams also carry service colors.

Samhain - HISTORY

American flag State, territory, or foreign national flag Military service flag Unit flag Carrying more than one national flag? Units of the IRA were organized to defend besieged Catholic communities in the province and were sustained by support from units in Ireland.

Conflict over the widespread use of violence quickly led to another split in the IRA. It was estimated that, between and , the IRA killed about 1, people, including approximately civilians. The fortunes of the IRA waxed and waned after In light of declining support in the late s, the IRA reorganized in into detached cells to protect against infiltration.

Assisted by extensive funding from some Irish Americans, the IRA procured weapons from international arms dealers and foreign countries, including Libya.

What Flags do we Carry and in what Order?

It was estimated in the late s that the IRA had enough weapons in its arsenal to continue its campaign for at least another decade. The IRA became adept at raising money in Northern Ireland through extortion, racketeering, and other illegal activities, and it policed its own community through punishment beatings and mock trials. In April the participants in the talks approved the Good Friday Agreement Belfast Agreement , which linked a new power-sharing government in Northern Ireland with IRA decommissioning and other steps aimed at normalizing cross-community relations.

Significantly, republicans agreed that the province would remain a part of Britain for as long as a majority of the population so desired, thus undermining the logic of continued military action by the IRA. Although the IRA subsequently destroyed some of its weapons, it resisted decommissioning its entire armoury, hampering implementation of key parts of the peace agreement. On July 28, , however, the IRA announced that it had ended its armed campaign and instead would pursue only peaceful means to achieve its objectives.

The IRA was back in the headlines in when an investigation into the murder of a former IRA leader revealed that at least some of the organizational structure of the Provisional IRA was still in place. Irish Republican Army. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

New York Suburb Claims to be More Irish Than Ireland

Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Simultaneously, the Irish Republican Army IRA was organized to resist British administration and to secure recognition for the government of the Irish republic.