Ninja Domination (Ninja #8)

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Ninja III Domination: Hunting Ninja

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Vilner-Romanovsky annotated. Creating weaknesses.

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What is a minority attack? Puzzled : Pawns vs minor pieces. The Bitter End : Essential mates.

See a Problem?

Checkmating the bare king with rook and with two bishops. Opposite-colored bishop attack. In Theory Tiviakov-Illescas with notes, concepts, and sidelines of the opening. Playing for traps, knights before bishops, king in the center Games of the Weak : Tactical opening disasters. The Bitter End : Rook vs knight. Zugzwang concept. Domination of knights by rooks and bishops. Developing tactical fantasy. Greatest Hits : Annotation of Keres-Byrne, Isolated queen pawn play, mobility and space advantages.

Avoiding time trouble and playing in time trouble. Puzzled : Mate in 3 visualization exercises. Christiansen-Bluvshtein with post-mortem comments from the players. Assume the Position : Initiative vs pawn in Euwe-Keres, Light-squared weaknesses, line opening. Puzzled : Knights versus pawns in endgames. Analyze This : Reader game with few tactics. Need for planning, how to set goals, passive vs active defense. Four annotated positions. The Bitter End : Corresponding squares and triangulation in pawn endgames. Super Structure : Giving up a g7 bishop for c3 knight to attack the c3-c4-d5 pawn structure.

The Bitter End : Double-rook endgame into a pawn endgame. Opposition, counting tempo moves. Analyze This : Middlegame planning, thematic play with a blocked center. Annotations and sample games. The Bitter End : Pawn endgame, sacrifice to rupture structure. Premature exchanges, patience in the opening, counterplay when down material. Ninja Tactics : Rooks attacking the king. Damljanovic-Radjabov from Sarajevo, dozens of opening variations with notes. Smejkal-Karpov, The h-pawn vs fianchetto in particular. Opening Book : Standard and premature h-pawn pushes in the opening against fianchetto.

Analyze This : Annotated GM game illustrating the themes of opposite-side castling attacks. Na6 as played in many games in the Bosnia tournament. Annotated game: I. Sokolov - Damljanovic with many supplementary games and notes. Analyze This : Reader game with hypermodern opening. Planning against pawn weaknesses. Analyze This II: Reader game. Knights before bishops, opening blunders, attacking down the h-file. Space advantage, infiltration on color weakness. Puzzled : Spectacular pawn study by N. Unusual Bird's Defense against Spanish. Pawn pushes creating weaknesses.

Beating a defensive player with patient attacking play. The Bitter End : Bishops and knights in blockaded pawn endgames. In the Spotlight : Veselin Topalov bio and games. Puzzled : Mate in three by Riemann. The Bitter End : Bishop beating rook in certain endgames. Transition and evaluation of factors in these positions.

Two annotated sample games. Ninja Tactics : Recognizing themes. Differences and strategies in blockaded pawn positions.

Ninja Domination (Ninja Action Thriller Series #8)

Bb5 Sicilian reviewed, strategic planning of pawn breaks. Bad plan vs no plan. Puzzled : Two mate in three problems. Greatest Hits : Radulov-Larsen, Line-opening pawn play, annotations. The advanced outpost. Analyze This : Outpost examples from two annotated Grandmaster games. The Bitter End : Q vs pawn on 7th homework. Main-line Sveshnikov Sicilian. Spectacular tactics. Puzzled : Two "mental geometry" mate in threes.

Analyze This : Opening lines and diagonals with pawn sacrifices. The Bitter End : Q vs pawn on the 7th rank. Rook, knight, bishop, and center pawn differences. Drawing tricks. Two of Mig's games from the World Open annotated. Philidor's Defense, play against doubled pawns. Analyze This : Master vs White Belt game. Inconsistency in opening play. Breaking an advanced pawn center. Ninja Tactics : Quiet moves and set-up moves. Greatest Hits New famous games section : Ed. Lasker-Thomas, annotated. King hunt. Post-mortem comments from GM Benjamin.

Double-bishop "Lasker" sacrifice. NinjaGrams : Reader game with notes from player and Mig. Sveshnikov Sicilian. Analyze This : Using and defending against early kingside pawn storms. Trial by Trivia : 10 questions on the World Champions. Nimzo-Indian with 7. Planning for the endgame, outposted bishop with rooks against pawn weaknesses.

Good breaks and bad ones, typical structures. Games of the Weak : Eight short, instructive, disasters from amateur games. Trial by Trivia : Answers, facts, and photos of the world champions.


Assume the Position : Homework for knight-bishop endgame. Notes on modern handling of French Defense. Sacrifice for initiative. Defensive sacrifice. Notes by Garry Kasparov. Assume the Position : King blockade in pawn ending. Opening gambit play and initiative. Four-rook endgame. The Bitter End : Homework checked and extra example of knight and rook pawn versus bishop ending.

Strategic planning in the opening. Fatal loss of tempi. Puzzled : Study by Timman. Pawns versus bishop, two important drawing techniques. Ninja Tactics : New " Future Tactics " section to improve visualization skills. Very popular new feature. Analyze This : Radjabov-Naiditsch, Dortmund Direct kingside attack, keeping options open, the weakness of static pawn structures.

Review of Caro-Kann Defense.

Super Structure : "Sweeper-sealer" pawn maneuvers in the center. VisualEyes : New section to improve visualization skills. This week, opening mistakes. Analyze This : Reader game annotated. How one horrible positional blunder can ruin the game. Mistakes from four US Open games annotated. Kaidanov, Benjamin, Granda Zuniga. Puzzled : Mate in four miniature. Use of central pawn roller. Tactical missed opportunity. Long-term strategic planning. Eight games and positions from the Continental Championship.

The Bitter End : Rook and pawn endgame. Pawn race. Assume the Position : Homework from Botvinnik game. What it is, some terms and basics from famous books. The Bitter End : "Win, lose, or draw? VisualEyes : Tactical positions to solve. Sherbakov and Popov. Qb3 Grunfeld. Puzzled : Rook vs pawns study by Krikheli.

Assume the Position : Botvinnik-Chekhover, Ninja Tactics : Mix of standard and VisualEyes positions. Themes of overload and fork. In the Spotlight : 4-time Russian champ Peter Svidler. Facts and annotated games. Discussion of French Defense Advance Variation with many annotated games. Divine Strategy : New section. Good and bad piece exchanges. Five examples from Russian Ch. Analyze This : Losing a won endgame. Game with many typical errors in ending.

Divine Strategy : New section looks at middlegame positions and how to plan in them. Large pawn front and sacrifices to open lines. Yemelin-Dolmatov, a great tactical game. Deflection theme. The Bitter End : Two king and pawn endgame studies. Assume the Position : Taimanov-Uhlmann. Playing for a kingside attack. Pawn weaknesses, piece exchanges. Common errors when playing with advantage. Failure to seek counterplay quickly. Ninja Tactics : A selection of tactics from reader games. The Bitter End : The opposition in pawn endgames. Dozens of games.

Greatest Hits : Spassky-Stein annotated. Initiative in the Grunfeld Defense. Positional advantages, attack on the f-file. VisualEyes : Finding defensive moves and themes. The Bitter End : King and pawn endings with queening and mate threats. Sacrifice loses to counterattack. Evaluating kingside chances.

Super Structure : Creating and exploiting pawn weaknesses. Examples and annotated games. Analyze This : Two annotated reader games. Closed position and pawn breaks. Back rank tactics. Trial by Trivia : Current events quiz, 10 questions. Maintaining and using the two bishops. Ninja Tactics : Theme review. Discovery and deflection. Comments from Kasparov, corrections. VisualEyes : Find the losing move! Trial by Trivia : Answers to the current events quiz.

Studies by Kasparian and Kuznetsov. Assume the Position : Homework from a Dragon Sicilian. Powerful pawn breaks. Closed positions and controlling counterplay. Opening Book : Typical opening blunders explained with four annotated amateur games. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Theatrical release poster. Sam Firstenberg [1]. James R. Silke [1]. This article about a martial arts film is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article about a s horror film is a stub.