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But instead of taking responsibility for his crime and pondering the prospect of spending years in prison, Bullock says, he was largely concerned about getting back to his high school junior varsity basketball team. He was convinced that he had college potential as a shooting guard, and he says he at first viewed his arrest as little more than a brief detour from the road to a bright future.

Reality sank in once a judge hit him with an eight-year sentence. Before long, Bullock went the way of many inmates. He was brooding and angry. He resisted the rules, fought people who even looked at him the wrong way and stuffed magazines into the lining of his jacket to fend off the shanks of his enemies. Bullock was drowning in the chaos, hopelessness and unforgiving culture of prison.

She wrote about the wallpaper in her office at work. She sent him pictures of cars she was thinking of buying, or his room in the house she had saved enough to purchase. She sent pictures of cheeseburgers, accompanied by exhaustive letters. I need you to understand this. His mother, the Rev. Sylvia Bullock, worked 37 years for the U. Food and Drug Administration. She said the letters were therapy for her, too, and helped ease the pain of having a son in prison.

She took him to church several days a week. She had him join the church choir, enrolled him in oratorical contests and cheered him on during his basketball games. His arrest and prison sentence left her stunned. He was living another life that I knew nothing about. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Writing her son and going to visit him on weekends was a way to cope.

Sometimes it would be a paragraph. Other times it would be an entire letter. I just wanted to keep him abreast of everyday life. Eventually, Bullock rediscovered his true self. He received a GED certificate in prison and started taking courses to learn about business and computer software. Once he was released in , he applied for and was rejected for more than jobs before he finally landed one with a paint retailer.

Before long, he was promoted from retail clerk to roving sales representative. After matching underemployed painters with people buying paint, he launched a painting company. Bullock was making good money, driving a BMW convertible and living in a large apartment — success he wanted to share at least in some way with his friends still in prison. He would write them encouraging letters from time to time. But he was often too busy to stay in touch as much as he would have liked.

What if there was an app that would make reaching out more convenient? Flikshop became the answer. He talked to businesspeople at informal meetups and met with app developers. Eventually, he pulled together a team that made Flikshop a reality. Bullock envisions Flikshop playing a pivotal role in rehabilitating prisoners and changing how the public views returning citizens.

Much of the narrative surrounding the current state of the criminal justice system is plain wrong, he noted. Most inmates are not beyond hope and rehabilitation, even though many of them committed violent crimes. To this day, Bullock wonders whether the person he robbed has post-traumatic stress from the carjacking. Still, having inmates who made bad or even violent choices stay in touch with people outside of prison would help them more easily make the adjustment to civilian life once they are released, Bullock said.

So far, Flikshop is tapping just a tiny fraction of its potential market. It is well known, and established by the courts, that being put in Administrative Segregation ASU solitary at various times for various reasons should be expected by a person incarcerated in California. The four prisoner hunger strike representatives will be present in the courtroom, an historic presence! Tuesday, August 21, RALLY am. Help create a strong show of solidarity with prisoners fighting for human rights!

The prisoner class-led movement and the Ashker v. On July 3, , U. District Judge Claudia Wilken ruled:. This does not comply with the terms of the Settlement Agreement. Life without parole is an inhumane sentence. It denies that people have the capacity to change, grow and be rehabilitated. As Governor Brown nears the end of his term, he has granted an unprecedented number of commutations for people serving LWOP sentences. Come to Sacramento on August 6th! Build Solidarity.

Engage with our caged community members through their stories, letters, and poetry. Speakers, music, and audience participation. For questions: contact prisons. Join California Prison Focus to celebrate the beautiful work of grassroots organizations building self-determination and empowerment in our communities. We will gather to highlight our efforts to counter the destructive and harmful practices being perpetrated against our communities. Come together because everyday that we are being attacked from every angle is a day to be grateful that we, the people, in our power, in our revolutionary love are standing up together!

Bring a picnic lunch, enjoy music and activities, listen to inspiring speakers, and participate in the reading of letters from our community members on the other side of the wall. Berkeley MSW intern presented on the relevance of solitary confinement to community psychiatry to my colleagues at the California Contra Costa County Psychiatry and Psychology monthly meeting. Solitary confinement is being held in a small cell for 22 to 24 hours a day with minimal property and minimal meaningful human contact.

We reviewed the overwhelming evidence of the physical and psychological harms of solitary confinement. In addition, we discussed the ethical dilemmas for providers as they participate in this practice. Another psychiatrist present suggested I write a petition….. Canada declared solitary confinement unconstitutional in Jan A few months later India too acknowledged this preventable harm. When will this nation reach this decision? On any given day in USA, , are held in these extreme conditions, some unconscionably for years and decades. This is preventable. As community members, we will walk, shop, eat, live with them.

As providers, is it ethical to declare someone fit for this high risk containment? This is what is happening…we are witnesses and participants. Some of you may feel this issue does not pertain to your field. I am hoping you will join me in signing this petition I wrote to end prolonged solitary confinement greater than 15 days in U. If you are a medical provider of any specialty, a psychologist, a SW, a NP or a PA please consider signing and forwarding to other of our colleagues. Here is an excerpt:. Lastly, we pledge that solitary confinement is in direct violation of our code of ethics as healers, knowing the risks of such placement.

Rule 43 of the Mandela Rules of the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners prohibits both indefinite solitary confinement and prolonged solitary confinement defined as lasting more than 15 days. With Guard One, guards press a metal baton into a metal receiver positioned either in or besides cell doors, making a loud disruptive noise in most cases, waking prisoners up every 30 minutes and causing sleep deprivation. In a press conference after the hearing, she explained the 3 arguments of CDCr. In a motion they filed the day before, CDCr claims that because Mr.

Pelzer , in which Alabama prison guards tied Mr. Hope to a hitching post with his shirt off in the sun for seven hours, offering him water twice and never a bathroom break. The Supreme Court ruled for Mr. In Ms. Rico currently being out of the SHU before she rules on the motion to dismiss. The guards do no checking on top of that. Sleep deprivation is internationally recognized as torture. The PHSS Committee to End Sleep Deprivation asks you to help make a powerful showing of solidarity with Jorge and all people in CA solitary confinement who are suffering from the checks, and who cannot be in the courtroom or outside rallying and speaking about their experience.

Friday, May 18, Robert T. These are so-called clean torture methods. Holland :. In October, , the 2 year court monitoring period of the Ashker v. Governor settlement to limit solitary confinement in California expired.

Sitawa has been returned to population, but can still not have visitors. Brown and demand CDCr:. Contact Scott Kernan. He prefers mailed letters to S Street, Sacramento If you call , press 0 for the Communications office. Email matthew. Contact Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. CDCr officials are targeting the Ashker v. Governor class members to prevent them from being able to organize based on the Agreement to End Hostilities, and to obstruct their peaceful efforts to effect genuine changes — for rehabilitation, returning home, productively contributing to the improvement of their communities, and deterring recidivism.

Please help put a stop to this retaliation with impunity. Contact Kernan and Brown today:. Scott Kernan prefers mailed letters to S Street, Sacramento Email: matthew. Governor Edmund G. The Angola 3 are three Black men who collectively spent years in solitary confinement torture in the USA. They were framed for organizing against injustice inside Angola Prison in Louisiana. The film documents their decades-long struggle for justice and to build a national and international movement to end solitary confinement.

Craig Haney , Ph. Brown in California; January 17, Canadian ban on federal indefinite solitary confinement; and numerous lawsuits on behalf of incarcerated people. Family Pot Catering will have delicious food and beverages for sale. Build Solidarity Engage with our caged community members through their stories, letters, and poetry. We prisoners have known for the past decades that California citizens have not condoned the torture of California prisoners.

The case of Madrid v. The Madrid case touched on the harsh conditions and treatment toward the solitary confinement prisoners at PBSP. A squad of goons dressed in paramilitary gear with black gloves, shields and riot helmets would be there waiting. See Madrid v. When these prisoners were eventually taken out of VCU and housed in the general SHU cells, they mostly displayed insanity — smearing feces all over their bodies, screaming, yelling, banging cups, throwing urine.

The effects of solitary confinement at PBSP compelled CDCr to establish Psychiatric Service Units PSUs in response to the Madrid ruling for remedying the conditions that were destroying the minds of all prisoners who were held captive from the time of the Madrid ruling in through , but they were poor and ineffective. Brown class action settlement in These released prisoners were coming from a torture chamber, where by necessity they created coping skills like self-medicating. Typically, when coming out of solitary confinement, women and men prisoners show signs of depressive disorder and symptoms characteristic of self-mutilation, mood deterioration and depression, traumatic stress disorder, hopelessness, panic disorder, anger, obsessive-compulsive disorder, irritability, anhedonia, fatigue, feelings of guilt, loss of appetite, nervousness, insomnia, worry, increased heart rate and respiration, sweating, hyperarousal, serious problems with socialization, paranoia, loss of appetite, as well as cognitive issues, nightmares, muscle tension, intrusive thoughts, fear of losing control, and difficulty concentrating.

Brown Settlement. Our struggle was focused on ending long-term solitary confinement [and improvements to conditions therein]. We stood up together and collectively. As a committed collective of fellow human beings a large majority hailing from working class, poor communities we lead our struggle — from behind the walls — putting our lives in the balance… at that point, our lives being all we had… We demanded an end to our torture, based on our inherent right — as human beings — to humane treatment, inclusive of dignity and respect for ourselves, our loved ones, and the unfortunate generations to follow.

In this climate, we came together and utilized non-violent, peaceful protest action, mass hunger strikes and work stoppages, which, together with the support of our awakened loved ones, and countless other people of conscience outside the walls while all along, suffering with us , exposed our plight to the world community. The responsibility is ours for doing so. We take our rights, as thinking, acting citizens. Our adversaries are constantly resisting any change beneficial to the prisoner class!

Related to the above, and to our common struggle in general, I want to share a few excerpts from The Zinn Reader, a bit of food-for-thought. Please come out to show your support on February 23rd for people to be put in a true general population setting with regular access to yard, day room, programming, jobs, fresh air, phone, and other means of social interaction and environmental stimulation.

We will head inside the courthouse at pm. You must pass through a metal detector and present ID to enter the courthouse. Feb Oral Argument in Ashker v. Governor of C A. On February 23, in San Francisco, an important motion will be heard in Ashker v. Governor aka Ashker v. Brown , the federal class action lawsuit challenging prolonged solitary confinement in California.

Hardly ever getting out-of-cell time, they have been forced to spend as much or more time locked in their cells as when they were in SHU, with little to no rehabilitative or educational programming or social interaction with other people. Yard time is scheduled 4 times per week, but is often available only 1 or 2 times per week. Showers and telephone calls, which are supposed to be available every other day, are infrequent, and we must choose one or the other. I rarely go outside…I have difficulty maintaining relationships with my family especially since my ability to use the telephone is so infrequent and irregular.

I suffer from insomnia. I suffer from anxiety that I feel is directly linked to the irregular programming: I am anxious because I do not know what will happen next. Remember to bring ID. Please pass this message on to fellow supporters of human rights who may be able to attend on the 23rd. Check the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity website for upcoming details on a postcard campaign to further support the Ashker class members.

If you have transportation needs or offers for the Feb 23 Rally and Court Hearing, please email phssreac hingout gmail. Prisoners report that the checks are loud, disruptive, and abusive. He then questioned why the plaintiffs are being held in isolation. Judge Chhabria showed no indication that he would dismiss the cases or that he thought dismissal was appropriate. Judge Mueller oversees the Coleman consent decree, which mandates adequate mental healthcare for prisoners.

Courthouse Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA Norum et al cvVC — Suarez v. Beard et al.

Malaysia Prisons Deparment

The lawyers for Christopher and Maher will argue that the case against CDCr administrators, guards, and wardens, must move forward. Please be in the courtroom on Feb 8, and also outside, before court, for a Rally and Press Conference. Christopher Lipsey started his case in Our Committee has a number of purple t-shirts which will be available to wear at the rally and in the courthouse to show our solidarity with the prisoners.

Please wear purple if possible! If you have questions or want to give or get a ride to the SF Courthouse, please call or text Verbena at Stay informed and updated with links below. Payment for our labor, rather than the current slave arrangement 2. Ending outrageous canteen prices 3.

Reintroducing parole incentives to lifers and those with Buck Rogers dates. Photo from Fighting Toxic Prisons. Further, on January 19th Rashid was thrown in a cold cell , with a broken toilet , no heating , and with a window that will not fully close, allowing cold wind to blow into the cell. The cell has the same temperature as the outside, where temperatures have been repeatedly at or below freezing. Webinar: Parole After SHU There are two videos, one is a training for parole attorneys and family advocates, and the second is a community presentation specifically for people with family members currently in or recently released from SHU to General Population.

There are also links at the bottom of the page with related materials. Alternative Ways to Approach the Debriefing Issue pdf. Tips from Hearings pdf.

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In prison isolation units throughout California, guards wake prisoners up every 30 minutes under the guise of suicide prevention. The United Nations and many sleep and mental health experts have long defined sleep deprivation as a form of torture, and sleep deprivation often is used as a torture technique for prisoners of war. So California tortures its prisoners to prevent them from killing themselves. Jamie Zeitzer, Ph.

In these solitary confinement cells, prisoners are kept alone 24 hours a day with no direct contact with other people — except guards. Known effects of such isolation include suicidal thoughts and behavior, yet the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR fails to provide adequate, if any, mental or physical health services. CDCR does not even acknowledge that prolonged isolation is torture and psychologically harmful.

In CCWF death row, where the checks began in May , there has not been a suicide since [pg 6 in link]; in Pelican Bay SHU where the checks began in August , there has been one suicide in 13 years. Governor of CA. Hayes endorses the minute checks. Even as he receives letters from prisoners suffering from the checks and those who support the prisoners from the outside, he has not responded, or, to our knowledge, recommended a change.

Other experts, however, have recommended the checks be halted :. Thus as these checks are done nightly their negative effects will become greater across time … There is much research on disturbed sleep in Intensive Care Units in hospitals.

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Checking on patients for their safety has resulted in many ill effects. Today there are many initiatives to overcome the negative effects of this safety monitoring. Jamie Zeitzer, PhD. Last week, prisoners at the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in downtown Oakland—over 30 percent of the prisoners housed there—participated in a five-day hunger strike to protest what they say are abusive conditions of isolation and poor healthcare in Alameda County jails. Give them basic dignity. They stressed the five allegations that are being made by prisoners, who are calling for an end to the use of indefinite solitary confinement, subjective practices for addressing grievances, and overuse of lockdown, which is when prisoners are confined to their cell when there is a disturbance in the facility.

The prisoners also say that they are being provided with insufficient food and unsanitary clothing. She has been doing this work for 18 years. That number is at Santa Rita, or 12 percent of the prisoners currently held there. Though a hunger strike in Santa Clara County jails could have been avoided after jail administrators agreed to meet the core demands during the week of October 16, — Prisoners United on every floor of the Main Jail and M-5 and M-8 lockdown units in Elmwood D.

We will give their fresh food to the Salvation Army again. There are hungry people who committed no crimes and deserve a dinner. On October 22, , Prisoners United reverted to the hunger strike to demand accountability from Sheriff Smith of Santa Clara County to do as she claimed and donate refused meals to the hungry and homeless community at the Salvation Army who are in fact largely gang impacted, overcoming drug and alcohol dependency and formerly incarcerated. In addition, Prisoners United demanded accountability from Sheriff Smith to courageously make public the efforts between jail administrators, community organizations and the jail population to come to an agreement to meet the core demands.

Prisoners United sacrificed 3 days of custody meals to see to it that all custody meals, including their prepared cooked meals will in fact be donated. Although Sheriff Smith tweeted donating non-perishable lunch box custody meals to the Emmanuel House Salvation Army earlier on Monday October 23, ; prepared custody meals have been confirmed to have been thrown away or given as an incentive to non-participants.

The M-8 lockdown unit in Elmwood D. The 6C Sureno unit in the Main Jail will still continue their hunger strike until an agreement is made with jail administrators to end their protective custody status in their classification file. We also appreciate all efforts made between jail administrators, community organizations and the jail population to come to an agreement to meet the 5 core demands to end meaningless classification reviews, indefinite solitary confinement, group punishment, cruel and unusual punishment during out of cell time, and rigid visitation policies.

Santa Clara County jail administrators came to an agreement to meet the 5 core demands to end meaningless classification reviews, indefinite solitary confinement, group punishment, cruel and unusual punishment during out of cell time, and rigid visitation policies. However, the administration stated it will take 3 weeks for the new classification system to kick in.

According to the agreement, the classification system will have face-to-face hearings, opportunity for prisoners to call witnesses to speak in their defense, the use of things such as education and rehabilitation certificates to have influence on their hearings, and the opportunity to contest anything. The administration also agreed to suspend all in-custody inputs until the new system is in place. Prisoners in the jails should also be able to see what is in their file. Oct 14, marks the 2 year anniversary of the approval of the Ashker settlement. We celebrate our victory in the Ashker case, in which virtually all of the over prisoners then languishing in indeterminate SHU were released to General Population.

This victory was achieved through 3 hunger strikes and the non-violent legal and political action of thousands of California prisoners, their families, supporters, and their attorneys. However, unfortunately our general monitoring is due to run out after two years unless the Court grants an extension. We believe that CDCR is still engaged in constitutional violations that deny prisoners due process and seeks to put us back in the hole, for many, indeterminately under the guise of Administrative SHU. Examples are:. The last letter of CDCR stands for rehabilitation, and there is almost no rehab programs and opportunities in the level 4 prisons.

They function like modified SHUs;. We need all prisoners — young and old -to make our collective outcry public to ensure that the victory that we have won is not reversed by CDCR behind closed doors. Ultimately, we are the ones who are responsible for leading the struggle for justice and fair treatment of prisoners. That is why we entered into the historic Agreement to End Hostilities, and why it is so important that the prisoner class continue to stand by and support that agreement.

We cannot let CDCR increase its use of prolonged solitary confinement either by misusing confidential information to place prisoners in SHU on phony conspiracy charges, or through increasing the use of Administrative SHU. As the Supreme Court stated over one hundred years ago in the case of Wilkerson v. The event is FREE. Please indicate the number and ages of children needing supervision: www. Are these checks conducted in a quiet manner? Or do these checks disturb you? Do they interfere with your ability to sle ep, or cause physical or mental health problems?

If you are experiencing negative effects from the checks or from the way they are being conducted, it is time for the official record to reflect those effects. We hope that the attorneys for the prisoners in Coleman will take the s and medical requests seriously and address, with the court, the documented harms the checks are causing. Further reductions or other changes are possible there or at other prisons, but it will require new complaints being filed by a significant number of prisoners. The court is not likely to order statewide changes if there are problems at only a few prisons. The court is most likely to modify the order for those units where large numbers of people complain.

Prisoners often feel that filing s is pointless. It often seems that way. However, when prisoners act together, either by filing group s or by filing many s on the same issue in the same time period, that organized effort is heard. In contrast, courts interpret the lack of formal complaints as the lack of a problem. We appreciate hearing from those who have already written us about this problem. Your responses to surveys, letters to the Coleman suicide expert and Special Master, and previous s about the checks have been important.

We compile the information as an ongoing record. If you have grounds to file a and decide to file one, we recommend that you give your to an officer with a CDCR Form 22 asking the officer to deliver the grievance to the Appeals Coordinator. Request to see medical if you are experiencing negative effects from the checks or from related lack of sleep.

Document in your s, your medical visits and your attempts to get medical visits and medical care. Explain what medical did or did not do to help you, or if you were denied medical visits. If you have submitted s in the past about the checks, and the checks are still a problem for you, submit a new and Form 22 and request to see medical. Please send us a copy of your previous as well. Please send by legal mail a copy of any new and 22 form on this issue, any new medical or mental health documents showing that you have submitted a complaint and sought treatment, and any previous s you filed on this issue, to:.

Box , Eureka, CA Please use the below resources to demand that CDCR fixes their draft rules. Here are several ways to make your voice heard. Use them all if you can! At its core, Prop. There is no reason why benefits of Prop. Amend the 13th! On Saturday, August 19, , people mobilized in Washington DC and at least 16 other cities, including San Jose and Riverside California, demanding the abolition of legal slavery, and calling on people to organize against mass incarceration and abuse in U.

Participants addressed the importance of the history of our revolutionary prisoner-led human rights movements. On a sunny Saturday, August 19, , people across the country gathered, marched, and rallied in solidarity to support prisoners human rights and amending the 13th. What an audacious and loving act!

ITV's Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars Prisoner Gemma makes money by sending men dirty letters

Park, where we kicked off the march with a recorded speech by founding member of the Amend the 13th campaign, Heshima Jinsai Denham. Patrons of restaurants, folks on foot, trains, and cars we passed along our route stood to applaud, cheer, and honk their support and encouragement. The beautiful 1.

McEntee Plaza just across from the county jail where Michael Tyree had been murdered by three guards, only two years before. Watani Stiner, despite decades of incarceration and abuse, welcomed the rally participants with exuberance, love, and inclusion, setting the stage for stories to come. We stood in rapt attention as Raymond Aguilar shared his experience of juveniles sentenced to life without parole.

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Julia Arroyo, on behalf of Mianta McKnight brought to light the lack of resources available to those returning home, especially to girls and women of color. One by one speakers continued to share their lived experience. We encouraged and cheered the speakers, who moved us to anger and sadness, and also motivated us with words of hope and possibility. As we engaged in the dynamic of giver and receiver we created a bond of shared humanity. We were called to listen and to act. And together we closed the rally committed to the work to come.

In unity, we will become stronger, more dedicated, and more resolved. We stand firm in our belief that all people, including those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, deserve their Human Rights.

Hope is a good Shawshank Redemption

We stand committed to the New Abolitionist Movement to end slavery in America once and for all. When you consider the historic application of slavery in America, slavery in any form should not be tolerated in our society. For years we have struggled to defend the civil and human rights of prisoners both during our incarceration and upon our reentry back into our respective communities.

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We took to heart the principles that were espoused by Comrade George Jackson. We came to prison as criminals but while here we transformed ourselves into revolutionaries so when we return to our communities we can be productive and make meaningful contributions for the betterment of society.

For years we endured indeterminate periods of isolation and sensory deprivation so we know firsthand the inhumane and barbaric treatment that one can be subjected to while in prison. Yet those experiences have not dampen or diminish our resolve to fight for the human rights of those confined to these prisons. As a society, we want to see healthy and wholesome individuals returning to society upon their release from prison. It is dehumanizing and must end. Black August Resistance Forever!! He was a speaker at the main march across from the White House.

Albert is here with Laura Whitehorn , who also spoke, and is a former political prisoner who works for the release of political prisoners and elder prisoners. Excellent Articles. Fearing the peaceful organizing from prisoners and people outside, the Florida prison system the 3rd largest to CA and Texas put all its captives, more than 97, prisoners, across the state of Florida on indefinite lockdown. People in all Florida lock-ups were not able to leave their dorms, had all visitation cancelled, and lost other so-called privileges — access to basic needs.

This appears to be the first time in memory that the entire Florida prison system was locked down for an indefinite period of time. People are traveling from as far as California to join the March. Solidarity marches, rallies, and protests are being planned across the country to coincide with the DC event. Join local organizations, learn more, and hear speakers from San Jose and surrounding communities, including: Watani Stiner Sean Ramsey Laurie Valdez … and more. For a full list of sponsors or more information, email us at: riseup forjustice.

Download and put up Fliers! This most recent hunger strike is in response to the increasingly appalling actions of the GEO Group, the private prison contractor who runs the NWDC facility. On Aug. When people vocally protested the assault, GEO locked down a part of the facility, disallowing people to use the phones, lawyers were not allow to visit, and the lights where turned off. In a recent tour of the NWDC facility for legal groups, ICE admitted to transferring people from one facility to another as retaliation for organizing.

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Over 15 immigrants held in solitary confinement continue on hunger strike. The hunger strike began Aug 8th at 11am when 20 immigrants were taken to solitary in retaliation, highlighting poor detention conditions and a violent and hostile environment for up to 1, people held by the GEO Group for Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE. The boy had recently been transferred to the NWDC after turning 18, after arriving as an unaccompanied youth and held by child services until he was eligible for detention and deportation.

After his assault, GEO guards placed the facility on lockdown — no phones, no lawyer visits, not even lights. I was not the only person transferred, prisoner R. I was transferred to even more extreme conditions where there exists roaches, rodents, no drinkable tap water and the sanitary conditions are that of a third world country. This is far from the truth. This fight affects everyone now and those who eventually come into an ASU. I will continue fighting administration, now through the courts, and hope for relief.

Any assistance, guidance or moral support from those aware or educated would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you all outside supporters who held rallies and lent their voices for change, I will not let your support go to waste. Box Represa, CA He is no longer being held by Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Rashid is a very good organizer and was moved from Red Onion State Prison because of his influence and leadership.

It seems now that Texas also could not handle his principled determination. We will keep you informed as we find out more. In the meantime we are asking people to phone Mr.