Heavens Gate

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The members were dressed identically: black sweats, shirts, and Nike Decades — a shoe line that was quietly discontinued after the tragedy. Members were found dead covered in purple sheets and wearing a pair of Nike Decades.

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For obvious reasons, the pair keep their identity a closely-guarded secret but agreed to an interview with news. They drew the proverbial short straw. Source:News Limited.

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These were urgent times, it seems. Despite the site being preserved in amber, there is still maintenance to be done: renewing the domain name registration and replying to emails that come in — about 20 a day, which fall loosely under three categories. Heaven's Gate cult website.

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Source:News Corp Australia. They have become nothing more than technically advanced humans, clinging to human behaviour, who retained some of what they learned while in the early training of Members of the Level Above Human, e.

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Both are still available from their website upon request, although given the timing of the recordings, it is presumed the offer to skip Earth has now expired. He was a patient in a psychiatric facility, she was a year-old married nurse who worked there.

The Story Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult And Their Infamous Mass Suicide

Applewhite told her he was sure they had met in a previous life; she went one further and confided in him an extraterrestrial had visited her and foretold of their fateful meeting. The pair had a divine mission to carry out, and by June, , they had collected their overarching beliefs in a pamphlet they distributed. The following year, they began to conduct group meetings, and in September , 20 newly-minted members of the group gathered at a motel in Waldport, Oregon, then simply disappeared.

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Bonnie Nettles worked as a nurse at the psychiatric facility where Applewhite was a patient. Police at the scene of the cult suicide in Like what, I ask. Just the opposite is true.

What the Heaven's Gate suicides say about American culture

He carefully situates the group within the broader religious culture of the late twentieth century, including its substantial engagement with both Protestant Christianity and New Age currents. In the process, he turns Heavens Gate, an idiosyncratic UFO religion, into one richly emblematic of Americas questing, apocalyptic cultural landscape. Loui "Zellers prose is clear and attractive, and he has a great story to tell, makingHeavens Gatea sparkling read. This book is highly recommended to all interested in new religious movements, apocalypticism, and American religions.

Its relevance extends far beyond the small group that became forever notorious in The writing is crisp and clear, and the argument, particularly about the indebtedness of Heavens Gate to the Bible and Christianity, as well as to New Age and UFO milieux, is well-articulated and persuasive.

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Zeller effectively captures the particularity of the members of Heavens Gate, why they thought and acted as they did, and what led them to the fateful decisions to take their own lives. In the process he rescues them from being dismissed as mindless 'cult members' and makes understanding them both more challenging and more rewarding.

This volume should become the standard reference on Heavens Gate.

Gallagher,author of Why Waco? Cults and the Battle for Religious Freedom in America "Zeller has written the most thorough work on the cult of Heaven's Gate that is presently available Zeller provides a thorough presentation, and his 'Why Suicide' chapter is the most comprehensive in this fine publication. This volume thus fills an important gap.