The Lamppost Diary

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I practised drawing a swastika on the brick wall. I'm not very good at it.

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So I drew Joe Chad instead. Mum told me to wipe it off, and told me use my blackboard that Uncle Bill made for me.

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  8. Uncle Bill made a scooter out of wood for me. It's good, especially when I speed down hill. The lady at the top of the hill told me I made too much noise. It wasn't me. It was the scooter, but I didn't tell her that. I think I have been a nuisance today.

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    Thursday We went to the shelter again in the night. There is a strong wall in front of the shelter. It is open each end. One opening is covered by a thin curtain. I wonder if Hitler may come in one night.

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    It is cold, and musty, and there are spiders everywhere. After the All Clear, sometimes the moon shines on the garden and all the bushes look ghostly.

    Tonight it was very dark in the avenue. Only the stars peeped through the trees. The lamppost outside my bedroom window is tall and dark. I wonder when the lamp lighter will come back. Sometimes if we hear the thud of bombing, we sit under the stairs with our coats on.

    Dear Diary: The Lamp-post on 6th Street

    We have a small candle. It is black and has a green end. I don't ever want to wear it. I hope every day that my Dad is all right out in the war. Friday This evening there was a party in the Co-op Hall. There was a band on the stage and they played my favourite song 'You are my sunshine'. So I ran on to the stage and sang it loudly to everyone. They were pleased and clapped and cheered.

    I think I have been famous today. Saturday People always queue. This morning Pat and I took pudding basins to the dripping shop. The queue stretched from the dripping shop right to the end of the next road. The stairs led to Father Christmas. He looked hot in his red coat.


    He gave me a colouring book and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said that I wanted the war to end, so my Dad could come home. He smiled and patted my head. I wish men wouldn't pat heads after I spent the night with my hair in rags to make drop curls. We walked home and had bread and lard for tea. We listened to Vera Lynn on the radio. To make Mum laugh I pushed two balls inside my jumper. I balanced an orange and an apple on my head. Just when we stepped out of the house, I sensed my parents. She needs to stroll so as to get over the boredom.

    We got to the 6th Street and I could perceive his enchanting scent from afar. I could hear him call my name as he moved closer to me. He hugged me tightly and stroked my braided hair. I bought you a package, Lara. He opened the car and handed over it over to Lara. Yes, I could feel it. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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