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The trick, Lenka claims, is to discern what style your client or colleague is using and adopt those traits yourself.

Visual learners will find diagrams and evidence appealing whilst auditory learners want to hear a sound argument delivered by a voice that speaks with conviction. Lenka teaches people to pay attention to these preferences and their tell-tale signs and adapt accordingly. For many people, the idea of presenting, pitching in person or public speaking fills them with dread. One of the best ways to overcome these nerves is to imagine watching yourself from a different perspective.

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Lenka explains that this not only calms our nerves and lessens the effect of negative emotion but also allows the mind to detach itself enough from the outcome to become more solutions and ideas focused. Lenka suggests using this exercise to mentally prepare yourself for your next important presentation, sales conversation, product launch or any other situation that makes you feel apprehensive.

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It may seem obvious that lack of self belief will hold you back but how much time have you actually spent examining your own limiting beliefs? Learning to identify them is the first step to overcoming them.

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Any thoughts or beliefs you have about yourself that are unsupportive can be deconstructed. Lenka Lutonska —a business strategist, communications coach and author of Energetic Selling and Marketing —would argue that you probably need to spend some time working on your Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Integrating Sales and Marketing: Effective Way to Revenue Generation

This certainly seems to be the case. I write features about women and for women: what interests and inspires us, how we are shaping business ourselves. Highlighting the women blazing a trail in business is I write about women in business and businesses aimed at women. Enable people to buy without hard selling.

Understand the factors that drive overwhelming desire. Understand the deeper motivation that drives decision-making.

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Speed up the decision-making process. Influence others and come across as seemingly impartial.

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  8. Use hypnotic language to create responsiveness. Maintain an optimum selling state to ensure sales success. Harness the skills the most powerful communicators have been using for centuries.

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    Improve questioning techniques to better define customer needs and beat the competition. Manage your own state and ensure results.

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    Gain greater flexibility in your approach. Increase sales performance and results. Develop robust, lasting and practical stress management skills to beat stress forever. Generate a receptive response, even with the most challenging of customers. Adapt to different personality types. Training Methodology.