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However, this is exactly what you can achieve with cross-platform development with Ionic, Cordova, or React Native. Meanwhile, Pinterest has developed a progressive web app to augment their already existent web platform and mobile app. Key idea : PWAs work best for the businesses targeting both web and mobile platforms.

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If you choose to focus on only one of those, there is no fair reason to choose progressive web app development. Another essential difference between mobile apps and progressive web apps rests in the fact that the former are downloaded from the store, while the latter — via a shared link or directly from a website as it is illustrated below.

Tastes differ.

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  2. 1. Do you have any ready-made developments?!
  3. Do you really need a PWA? Here are four questions to help you decide.!

If you think that working with App Store or Google Play is easier than fighting the SEO competition on Google or inspiring users to share your links, you should feel free to choose mobile app development. If you think that it is more difficult to be featured in top search results in Stores comparing to Google search results, go with PWA.

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Besides, if your website already has a sufficiently large target audience of devoted users, progressive web apps would work best for you. Key idea : If you want your users to access the application via the App Store or Google Play rather than through a browser, or if app store optimization ASO sounds simpler than search engine optimization SEO , you should go with a mobile app. While PWAs learned to work with geolocation, a lot of advanced mobile device features remain beyond their reach. Progressive web apps do not work with proximity sensors, advanced camera controls, audio or video recording, fingerprint scanning, NFC, or even Bluetooth.

Ask your development team for the PWA checklist of features that they will not be able to implement.

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  • Why you need PWA is not in question. Let’s see why you may NOT need it!
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  • If you cannot do without at least one of these features, you should opt in favor of mobile development. For instance, the progressive web app of Pinterest does not feature the function of taking photos, which is present in their mobile app. Key idea : Incompatibility with native device features can hinder you from developing PWA. While this issue may be solved in the future, for now, you should go with mobile apps instead. Start by answering four simple questions:.

    If you answer "yes" to the majority of these questions about progressive web apps, then, probably, you do not need a progressive web app. A mobile app will fully cover all your needs. My company KeenEthics is an experienced progressive web app development company. In case you need the following services, feel free to get in touch. Also, I would like to say "thank you" to Tetiana Matviiok for helping me edit this article. Learn Forum News.

    Tweet this to your followers. Why you need PWA is not in question. Do you have any ready-made developments? Do you plan to focus on mobile devices only? Until the PWA technology was introduced, the businesses willing to target both web and mobile had two options: to adapt a web page to mobile devices, to develop a mobile app from scratch. Are you reluctant to let your users access the app via a web browser?

    Jared Goff still leads all quarterbacks with 37 play actions passes, per Sports Info Solutions. He has a Chiefs game in Week 11 last year. He has just six targets this year after inhaling plus each of the last two seasons. Making matters worse, the offensive line looks a few ticks off its previous standards. The Rams have enough talent and the type of offensive infrastructure put in place by an elite coach to turn it around at any moment. The Bucs come to town this week. Goff is much better at home than he is on the road with a touchdown-to-interception ratio in LA last year, compared to away from the Coliseum.

    All three of his picks in have come in his two away games. You could make an argument that no one has played better football than Dalvin Cook so far this season. The Vikings back has scored four times, cleared yards in each contest and is the clear-cut engine of the offense through three games. Cook leads all starting backs with 4. The Vikings have firmly established the hell out of the run.

    Traveling to Chicago is no joke. The Bears defense has swallowed opposing rushing attacks, allowing just 3. If the Bears are able to control the script, the game may fall more into the hands of Kirk Cousins than the Vikings appear to want. Minnesota reminded us last week that they have enough front-line talent to dominate an inferior opponent by throttling the Raiders. Theoretically, they have enough to hang with and even beat some good teams. One side of the ball counts as a good team in the Bears.

    This is a big test. Two young quarterbacks revealed that there was far more fantasy gold left to mine from their offenses than their predecessors revealed. Week 4 brought about a swift change. Daniel Jones was a massive breath of fresh air for the Giants.

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    He brought back the vertical passing game that Eli Manning had sucked from this offense years ago. His rushing ability was a dimension never offered by the one-time Super Bowl winner. With Manning gone, it was a sudden reminder that this Giants offense is far from being bereft of talent.

    He returned from a concussion to drop yards and a score on nine targets. Even farther on the down-low, the offensive line has taken a huge leap forward. Manning was only under pressure on 22 dropbacks through his first two starts and the line was blasting open holes for Saquon Barkley.

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    Down in Carolina, the far less-pedigreed Kyle Allen caused a supernova of activity in the Panthers offense. Breakout receivers D. Moore and Curtis Samuel were already quietly emerging but Allen helped them turn up the volume to Both of the young receivers popped in touchdowns against the Cardinals.

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    Greg Olsen also turned back the clock with a pair of scores. And with that, suddenly all the optimism for a Panthers offense with the first cast of top-of-the-line weaponry is back on the table. Jones and Allen will both face beatable secondaries in Week 4. Washington has been an abject mess with blown coverages all around, ranking 27th in pass defense DVOA. The Texans have ranked in the bottom in completion rate and passer rating allowed. With the Giants and Panthers experiencing a shift behind center, these offenses are suddenly in a new range of possibilities.

    Whereas it looked like these two teams were going to be last on the watch list every Sunday and their top pass-catchers forgettable fantasy options, these two young fill-ins have set a new tone. The team went into with Joe Flacco as their only clear-cut viable option to start the season at quarterback.

    That is a disaster. To this point, Flacco has been as much of a dud as possible. The backfield has been an unrhythmic mess.