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I very much enjoyed the book; it captured me in the first few minutes, and I was sorry to finish it. Some books transport you; this is one of them; it takes you to a place that might be here and now; one hopes that it is. There is romance, mystery, and murder; the whodunit is quite good, and there are many twists and turns; a great book for a road trip.

Reviewers have recommend that newcomers to Neil Gaiman not read American Gods first. I would agree. Not that this book might might be his best but it is definitely way out there truly defying classification or genre. The book is sacrilegious as all get out and that is fine with me but it has something to offend everyone somewhere in the book… and that's still fine with me. Just don't be turned off to the author with this as your first read of one of his books.

The storytelling is just superb and again wonderfully executed by George Guidall. I got turned off to the Wheel of Time series after about the fifth installment finding each volume pretty much followed the same formula and there was very little fresh. This is never the case with Neil Gaiman. Every book is a new surprise and it is hard to believe almost any of them are from the same author. One common denominator for sure, they are all excellent. Unbelievaly good.

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I didn't think there were too many original story ideas left but the author found a new one. This is not just a rehashing of old stories as far as I can tell. Not only is the story great, the author also has excellent style and technique. Character development and plot advancement are smooth and compelling. The author manages to introduce dozens of characters at various points througout the story and neatly wrap them up by the end of the book.

Often in a book with many characters the resolution can be forced - this wasn't. The narrator was quite good with just one thing bothering me. His dialects were not always consistent and the differentiation of characters was a little challenging for him. Sometimes it was difficult to tell which character was talking. This was the only reason I didn't rate this a five. His overall reading was excellent though, very dramatic and hitting the right emotional buttons. This is up there with the best of Stephen King. Not exactly like King but very broadly in the same genre.

As one of the other reviewers pointed out, though - this is fantasy not Science Fiction. If you love myth, you'll love American Gods. I think that it's a story that you really can't love, though, unless you have some background in myth, how myth works, and the basic themes that surround the stories that are as old as human speech itself. However, any student of Joseph Campbell will be entranced by some powerful storytelling and understanding of myth.

It is also interesting to see an Englishman's take on what it means to be an American. The story's structure is fairly exact, but you don't catch on to what Gainman is doing or how he weaves the plot for quite a long way into the book. It seems like three or four rambling tales when it really is a single saga.

And perhaps, given the fact that it draws heavily on the mythology of cultures that gave us the very WORD saga, that makes good sense. As far as the audio performance, George Guidall's vocal characterizations are all very good, but his rendition of Mr. Wednesday is absolutely masterful. I always enjoy his narrations and this is no exception.

Not knowing who Neil Gaiman was, I immediatly suspected that the book would follow a sort of Noir theme with mythic references, but luckily it turned out to be something much, much better.

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The writing is this book is probably one of the best forms that I've heard or read in a very long time. Gaiman's writing has the amazing ability to be down-to-earth and yet spellbinding at the same time. His writing switches continuely from one side seeming as humourous and casual to suddenly becoming overtly graphic in an fluid transaction without destroying the pace or the imagery within the book.

The real kicker though is George Guidall, and how he seems to literally bring out the personality in the multitude of characters. If you had to listen to something by either of Gaiman or Guidall, make it this book. This book is much darker than his other work; though perhaps bleak is a more accurate word.

The pacing is also much slower and it's not a strictly linear plot. Finally, there is a lot of swearing and some rather gruesome passages, but nothing I would call obscene.

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So, why did I give it four stars? The book is full of fascinating ideas. You can read it and re-read it and find interesting new things hidden around every corner. The depth of the characters is very satisfying. You feel that they aren't just there to further the plot, but that the plot is there to explore their depths.

The main character is, of course, one of the most interesting. After losing everything, he no longer cares what happens to him.

So he plunges down the rabbit hole. As things get crazier, he must search within himself to find if can again care about himself or anyone around him. Not so much a review of the book, but just a comment on audiobooks.

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  • George Guidall is a top notch narrator; one of the best. Chaos, Complexity, and the Heroic Educator. That is, order can easily degenerate into chaos. He was the ruler of Babel, and yet here was one of his subjects telling him that he, the ruler of the greatest land in the world, must yield to a higher law than his own. It is in the details that the horror lies, because it is in the credibility of the details that the fantastic can rise and stand.

    This section of the hall was reserved for her most skilled torturers and had been crafted by her best engineers. In The Land: Founding, the first book in Aleron Kong's Chaos Seeds series, Richter is banished to The Land, which is full of deadly and challenging foes, and he must figure out how to forge his. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Creatures that lacked the spark of intelligence gained it in an instance. A Joyful Chaos A happily married wife, and mother to four children, former Amish. The Land Chaos Seeds, Book 8 release date self. James Fenton is a poet and his lyrical approach to horticulture makes this book an absolute delight.

    Chaos orbs can be used to safely absorb the chaos. We all like the idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how many good quality used products are out there - we just had to let you know! It is crucial that we remember who are to live out of who we are. Now, from the ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell, chaos reigns. The imagery of a cosmic battle with chaos described in part one, is properly the foundation for the Christian life. But when they get caught in the web of the local queenpin, their motley brotherhood is tested, threatening to make this summer their last.

    And God saw that it was good. With core. The law is justice — simple and clear, precise and bounded. Up to , passengers affected by delays and cancellations. Hanspostcard had mentioned he was reading this book and from what he said I had to give it a try. Once again, we are transported to The Land where Richter has to fight demons, goblins, sprites, banished gods and magic.

    Rule over the fish of the sea, the flying creatures of the sky, and over every animal that crawls on the land. Most of drop locations are confirmed by up to C5 , darker shards visible at the end of the table no longer drop in game and are labeled as chaos 8 shards, they will be added in near future along with new Chaos levels. The Mist Village will make itself known.

    Skip to main content. I can't recommend this enough, and my only complaint is that I'm almost done with the last published book and am going to be rather sad while I wait for book 8. She is currently working with a group in Chicago on a performance project dealing with Afro-Cuban responses to death. The Chaos is a mixture of water and fire. One day, as Syrinx was going about her business, she was spotted by Pan —the weird half-goat god of the Greeks.

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    I stopped and borrowed some. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Chaos Rolls 1d Though the first incursion has been defeated, the anger of Chaos Seed remains. Kama Sutra 2. I saw brown seed pods. My writing takes a hit if I don't. Expect lots of cheesy odor and weeks in bloom phase from this monster marijuana strain. It is a work in progress. Wow, 6 books in the series. Goblins have invaded Richter's lands.

    Note that chaos gems have a limited number of slots available. Every year, 32 million acres of rainforest is destroyed to provide land for livestock farming. Read the books first as e-books and now I'm going back and listening to them as audio. Enter your search keyword. The fifth tab is for Special Chaos Drives.

    The Time Machine

    Special Chaos Drives do not have ranks but special encounters whose effects scale with the rank of a sacrificed drive will typically see those as akin to a rank V drive or maybe even slightly better. A mesmerizing tale reminiscent of the wonder of Ready Player One and the adventure of Game of Thrones Number one in epic fantasy, cyberpunk, and video game fantasy In The Land: Predators, the Mist Village has harnessed its power. The association of complexity or patterns with most forms of bona fide organization should never be confused with causation [ ].

    Chaos is defined as: 1 confusion, or confused mass, of formless matter and infinite space, supposed to have existed before the ordered universe, 2 any mixed mass, without form or order. The time of hiding has passed. As the title suggests, Fenton takes us through his favorite plants, detailing why each deserves a place in the garden. Of course there are corporations who exist to profit from calamity. World History Revised. Jack Herer. By Ann Donahue 10 hours ago.

    By Tom Brueggemann 9 hours ago. By Zack Sharf 9 mins ago. It turns out the South Korean filmmaker's Netflix original movie was far more prophetic than some thought. By Zack Sharf 40 mins ago. In the aftermath of "Joker," we asked our panel of film critics to reckon with what it means for a movie to be "dangerous. By David Ehrlich 1 hour ago.

    This was in addition to reading all of the Princess's biographies, and contacting an astrologer and a graphologist. By Ryan Lattanzio 1 hour ago.