The Monster Inside

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Monsters Inside Me: Toddler Under Attack

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The Monster Inside My Head – A story about anxiety

First Name. Last Name. Confirm Email. The rhythmic value of the book, makes it easy for children to read along and remember what to do when these situations arise; throughout their early childhood development. The story is delivered through a relatable and strong rhythmic text and is very easy for children to comprehend.

My son 3 instantly started to do the breathing technique this book offered and related well to the monster concept it delivered. I was pleasantly surprised. So easy to read. Extremely catchy and It works.


My children used it in their day-to-day play immediately after reading this book. I recommend it to every mother with children. It actually made me tear up a little, because of how it addresses the emotions our little ones face. I loved how the story addressed the emotion of anger. I use this with my two boys when their monsters want to come out and play. The technique is catchy and easy to use. Very simple and effective book, I have not read any other book with this rhythm and structure as it applies to helping a child with an emotional melt down.

Love This Book. I found the use of Rhyme in this context fantastic, as children tend to be able to remember things when they 'sound the same'. I'm a Kindergarten teacher and read this to my class of year olds. The children quickly engaged to the book and enjoyed the story greatly. It was a fantastic teaching resource.

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Even this book without pictures would be a great tool to encourage children to talk about what they see, feel, hear when playing with peers. But the illustrations are amazing and add so much value to the story. This book allowed us to explore this emotion in a friendly "not angry way," often books that talk about Anger for children tend to be loud, big and extreme.

This was a nice and refreshing change that engages children to stay calm while reading, leaving them calm at the end to have a discussions and later focus on their monsters. I love this book.

The Monster Inside My Head - A story about anxiety - The Sassologist

I will use it in my kindergarten and throughout my teaching career definitely. The Monsters Inside concept. I think monsters are something that children identify as something they don't want - typically they fear them. Motivation to get rid of them, which allows them to focus on what the book offers. I loved the Rhyme. Especially the chorus of the story.

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It's catchy and repetitive and I think this externalises the angry feelings from the child. That the 'bad' feelings of anger doesn't change who he is.

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It means he has to learn to manage them. This book is amazing. I'm a mother and social worker and this is defiantly a refreshing change and outlook on books that deal with these emotions.

Fast becoming a favourite. Beautifully illustrated, love the integration of the dinosaur in all the pictures. This is a really good book. So fun to read and written in a way that kids understand. I've not come across anything like this and I read lots of books to my daughter. I have just ordered more copies. Thank you.