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It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More in dystopia. See more. Sunker's Deep. Book 2. Action, adventure, and mystery surround the Sunkers, a band of children who live in a submarine, as they try to survive a war in Book Two of the Icebreaker Trilogy. Six Days. Philip Webb. Will they find the lost treasure before time runs out?

A gripping adventure about a desperate race through the wastelands of future London to find a relic of extraordinary power. For Cass and Wilbur, life as scavengers is all they've ever known -- rummaging the ruins of London in search of a precious, powerful relic no one, not even their new Russian masters, has ever seen.

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But when Erin and Peyto, two strangers from a faraway place, show up and claim they hold the key to locating the mysterious missing artifact, the treasure hunt takes on a lethal urgency. Raiders' Ransom. Book 1. Poor Lilly is out fishing with her trusty first mate, Cat, when greedy raiders pillage the town--and kidnap the Prime Minister's daughter. Her village blamed, Lilly decides to find the girl.

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Off she sails, in secret. And with a ransom: a mysterious talking jewel. Along the way she forms a wary friendship with Zeph, a punky raider boy. The first novel in the exciting Travellers series - a young adult fantasy story of survival against the odds in a fearful futuristic world.

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But now trouble is approachingin a limpet sub, and fast. The Lost Boys are back, and theyll do anything to get what they want. Tom and Hesters daughter Wren is their eager dupe, bored and desperate for adventure. When Wren is snatched away in the limpet,Tom and Hester set off to rescue her, in a journey that will stir up old needs, old secretsand send them into perilous waters Sign up to save!


Get all the latest deals straight to your inbox. Artist: Philip Reeve. Add to cart. Maximum quantity for this product has been reached. It is running its own slave trade, influenced by its mayor, Nimrod Pennyroyal. At first, the Storm seemed to be winning the war against the moving cities.

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However, the cities began to fight back, and alliances were formed between several cities, including the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft , an alliance of German speaking cities. The Green Storm has legions of soldiers and Stalkers , fighter airships called "Murasaki Fox Spirits" and "Zhang Chen Hawkmoths", which are vast air destroyers and carriers. Apparently, the Stalker Fang regards her military forces expendable, which makes her unpopular among many other leaders of the Storm.

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This is evident by the use of "Tumblers" - one-manned craft used to ram Traction Cities in kamikaze missions. The Green Storm also has an elite branch of its military called the "Resurrection Corps", who are responsible for resurrecting dead bodies into Stalkers for the war effort. The title is probably a reference to the words of the Stalker Fang in Predator's Gold : " Sixteen years after the events of Predator's Gold , the former ice city of Anchorage has settled on an island in North America unaffected by the fallout from the Sixty Minute War and has become a static city named Anchorage-in-Vineland.

Most of the inhabitants are happy with their new life, but Wren Natsworthy, the teenage daughter of Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw, is bored with her life and seeks adventure. When she sneaks out one night Wren encounters three Lost Boys, Remora, Fishcake and their older leader Gargle; who have come to Anchorage in search of a mysterious Rasmussen family artifact named the Tin Book. After meeting former Lost Boy now Anchorage resident Caul, who refuses to help him, Gargle persuades Wren to retrieve the Tin Book for him and to join them on their journeys around the world.

Wren begins her mission by asking the now-adult margravine Freya Rasmussen, knowing that the Book is in the palace's library.

Infernal Devices (Mortal Engines Quartet, Book3)

Freya tells Wren of the Book's origins but explains that no one knows its purpose or meaning. When Wren reports to Gargle he tells her that Nimrod Pennyroyal 's book about the time he spent in Anchorage has revealed the Lost Boys' existence to the raft cities that they previously robbed. As a result, the Lost Boys have been forced to loot cities further afield, but most of the Lost Boys' limpets never return.

Gargle explains that raft cities have also begun searching for Grimsby and claims the Tin Book contains information that could get the sunken city moving again; but in actuality he intends to sell it to Stalker Fang for protection. Unaware of Gargle's true intentions, Wren steals the Book and gives it to him, whilst Caul alerts to Tom and Hester that Wren is missing. Hester finds the limpet and, believing that Wren is in danger, shoots and kills Gargle and Remora.

Fishcake, devastated by the death of his comrades, kidnaps Wren with the intention of taking her to Grimsby. En route to the sunken city, Fishcake receives a communication from the raft resort of Brighton , claiming that the parents of kidnapped Lost Boys have united to track down their missing children. Fishcake, believing that he will be reunited with his parents and persuaded by Wren who believes her best chance of escape is there, changes course to Brighton.

Arriving at the raft-city pleasure resort, the pair's limpet is captured and the two are taken in as slaves, the communication being a ruse to stop the Lost Boys. The owner of the slave trade company, Nabisco Skhin, intends to sell the two to Traction Cities in Nuevo Maya, but Wren convinces him to give them to Pennyroyal, who is now Mayor of Brighton; due to Wren's knowledge of Anchorage and thus can expose Pennyroyal's lies. Skhin interrogates Fishcake, who reveals the location of Grimsby, prompting Brighton to change course and destroy it with depth charges.

Skhin takes Wren up to Pennyroyal's floating palace above Brighton, Cloud 9. The slave-owner attempts to extort a hefty sum from Pennyroyal for Wren and to have the truth silenced, but Wren suddenly claims that she is a Lost Girl and has never been to Anchorage. She gives Pennyroyal the Tin Book and is employed in his household, to serve as a handmaiden for his overbearing wife Boo-Boo. Skhin, angered by Wren's lie, employs Fishcake to lead him to Anchorage and to enslave everyone there. When they arrive, they find the wreckage of the sunk city and the bodies of many Lost Boys.

The four meet Uncle in his chamber, who informs them that Gargle's limpet hasn't returned and that Wren is likely in Brighton. Uncle eventually discovers them, but is killed when he shoots the balloon holding his monitoring screens and they collapse on him.