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They obsessed with us! Look around you - everything is made from our dead bodies. Your bed too! I didn't ask for this bed. When it rains, we suck the earthy juices like with the straws. Some trees can grow new korni, but we can't. So we die when people cut us off from them. They bring yolki inside, decorate them and celebrate their death. Except that lyudi secretly bring the presents themselves and wrap them in pretty paper when no one is looking. No, I can't tell stories, I feel faint.

How about that fish head? Why would you care, you're one of them! Cruel, heartless chudovisha! I am their pet, like Murka. You are their child! You'll grow up and be just like them, stupid, selfish and cruel. I'm not like them at all! I can't stand up, I'm small, I can talk to you and Murka and they can't!

It takes a year before you can stand.

How to Clone a Tomato from a Cutting - Free Plants!🍅🌱

But you will grow, and in a few years you will be disgusting like them - moving all over the place, killing trees! I'm just a pet, I am a hairless cat! We die by millions so you lyudi can live! You cut us to make beds and tables, you burn us to be warm! You're lucky I can't get out of this bucket and strangle you!

It is evil! Long time ago zemlya was covered with happy plants. We all lived in harmony and peace. Then one day animals crawled out of the seas and the oceans and started eating everyone! Those who couldn't adapt by growing horns or becoming poisonous quickly died out. We trees survived by growing very tall, so the monsters couldn't reach the leaves and the fruits, and by covering our stvoli with thick layers of kora bark She started walking towards Yolka! Terrified, I wiggled in her arms and screamed.

What was she doing! Is she going to put me in Yolka's bucket to feed her! Is she going to sacrifice me along with the tree to the god with a beard, so he can bring her a new refrigerator! Yolka continued grumbling, "We yolki were safe for a while, but then those nasty squirrels and birds appeared and started eating our seeds Yolka barked at me, "Out of the thousands of shishek growing on each yolka, only a few seeds remain to grow into babies Babushka said incredulously, "Chto s toboy detka? TooondttdtaiihlhtlaafhaiaaaMTwiif Mi Wrbrht.

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In year tucceeding prnn year rbraaiTr fol S1-T. T II Wat'. I use "no worries" because one of my best friends in teenhood was a Kiwi expat to Canada and it rubbed off. But I'd use it now because I live in Australia. Living in three countries, two of which are Commonwealth nations - rest assured, if I use a Britishism, it's not Anglophilia but contextual vocabulary confusion.

It is not an exhortation for the other person not to worry; it actually means 'that doesn't worry [i. Not telling someone else what to do, at all. It's basically the Australian version of 'no problem'. No worries, mate! But on the subject of words we never want to hear again - who decided that 'judgy' needed to replace 'judgemental'? Enough already with 'parse', 'unpack' and 'going forward', too.

As you were. Salamander's right. The most frequent use of "no worries" I've encountered here is as a response to "excuse me" or "thank you".

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  4. Does what the words on the side of the tin can say the words do inside the tin can in strict accordance with the words printed against the tin can's outer side. I understand a little better now why Vonnegut called semicolons "transvestite hermaphrodites. I just want to say thanks for this.

    I am loving the language porn, I really am. Just what I needed to cheer me right up again. This whole thread makes me smile. Also: Umlauts are much sexier than Oxford commas. I say "no worries" pretty frequently as an alternative to "no problem" or "it's fine. To listen to some of the people in this thread you would think I had sheets with Kylie Minogue and Courtney Act on them and played the digeridoo at socially inappropriate junctures in some kind of grim attempt at performing an Australian identity.

    I also don't think "No problem" is always an acceptable answer to "Thank you" or "Excuse me" unless the person has obviously said something like "Sorry for the trouble" and you're refuting that there was trouble. It's just unnecessarily negative and presumptuous. I'm not accusing anyone of being smarmy I'm just saying it rings that way in my ears and it's unpleasant. Ok I'm done now. You left out: " Wow.

    Do You Need More Than One Tomato Plant to Get Tomatoes?

    My opinion on "does what it says on the tin" is still negative. But "you're welcome" often comes across as overly stuffy and formal. Ooh, you know what's worse? When you say, "Excuse me," to go around someone who's standing in your way, and they say, "It's okay," or, "Yeah. Speaking of being judgmental and over-parsing.

    On the other hand, Christmas cookies and gifty-things like that are put into large "tins" and always have been, in my 'murka. If there's a transaction taking place, and I'm the customer, I'd generally rather someone replied with 'you're welcome' or said 'thank you' back.

    A single tomato plant can produce 200 tomatoes in a season, here's how to sow them

    In country Australia, however, or amongst older people, 'cheers mate' or 'no worries' is completely normal and polite. Some old guy pumping your petrol out in the middle of nowhere is not going to answer with 'you're welcome'. Makes me think the young'un uttering it has watched too much American tv usually true. Man, all you speakers of slightly different styles of English with all those tiny differences between them, that differ in tiny tiny ways. I'm glad that I can manage any kind of English, I'm not going to worry about what exact style, or where a certain word or expression comes from.

    Won't someone please think of the Elsewherians? Yes, it isn't. Not all of us use those characters, so you can't paint all of us with the same brush. Don't be Elsewherist! Y'all should check out my new punctuation-based dating site, Interrobang posted by threeants at AM on July 22, [ 24 favorites ]. Where the colon is king, and the accent's acute! I like a tin whose reach exceeds its grasp. Ride a cockhorse to Banbury cross, To see a fine lady upon a white horse, With commas on her fingers and colons on her toes, She will have punctuation wherever she goes. I never really thought I cared much about the Oxford comma one way or the other, but the company I'm currently doing projects for officially forbids its use in their materials, and they're zealous in their enforcement of this.

    You never know what you had until it's gone. Little bits of my soul flake off every time I write something for these guys. Catching up! We had a trainer come into our job about 2 months ago to talk to us about communication styles. She said "no problem" and "no worries" were absolutely the wrong way to respond to someone who thanks you -- unless you live in the Northeastern US where we are because it's accepted here. I like them because they are less stuffy than "You're welcome. But "you're welcome" to the wedding gift I brought.

    Growing up, the metal boxes that lozenges, band-aids, tea, coffee, potato chips, pretzels and Christmas cookies came in were called tins. And I'd trade the Oxford comma in a second to revive capitalization. After the trainer acknowledged the fact that some people don't learn through enforced group activities, she plowed right through and made us solve timed jigsaw puzzles with randomly assigned teams.

    Do we not? I for one can barely listen to any of Nathan Rabin's segment on the Dissolve podcast because of his uptalking. I don't mind it all. It actually does what it says on the tin. There are a lot of people on this site who are not American. Furthermore, we don't live in siloed countries anymore. We're an international community and we're going to pick up phrases from all about. End of. I titled my recent Metafilter post with "Imma let you finish" and now it's driving me crazy. It turns out I hate that phrase and every time I see it, it gets my blood pressure up. Which makes it weird to look at my post.

    It was a perfect application of the phrase but argh! So annoying. Sorry everyone. The use of incomplete sentences? No, my friend, it's just getting started Some tins in my cupboard: Stock powder Tomato condensed soup Chopped Australian vine ripened tomatoes Sliced beetroot Corn kernels Baked beans Coconut cream Neither does the tin of pear slices in syrup. As far as I can tell from observing them for a few minutes, all they do is just sit there. And not one of them - not one!

    Neither does the tin of pear slices in syrup How do you know what that pear is getting up to in the syrup? It might be slicin' up a storm, for all you know. In the name of Science! I just dumped those pears and all their syrup into a bowl. They're just sitting there, not doing anything at all. Should I ask for my money back?

    Well, now you've removed them from the tin. They are no longer a tin of pear slices in syrup and therefore under no obligation to live up to the tin. Tomato condensed soup This is as good of a place as any. A lot of processing tomatoes are grown around here. Processing tomatoes are different from varieties bred for market. They're sturdier, fleshier, have fewer seeds. Meatier, basically. It's currently harvesting time. To harvest the tomatoes, a big machine goes through the fields and rips up the plants.

    It mechanically separates the tomatoes from the vines to the extent possible. On the back of this machine, there's a platform under an awning! The tomatoes are sent into a tomato truck through a chute. Each truck hauls two trailers, and they mound those tomatoes into the deep, open tubs until they're just short of overflowing. This is one of the reasons processing tomatoes are so sturdy, you see -- each tub holds 25, pounds of tomatoes. It would be counterproductive to haul 25, pounds of tomatoes if the bottom layers were just going to end up as tomato juice before you unloaded them.

    And reader, those tomatoes do not splatter. They bounce. This time of year, the shoulders of the roads and highways are littered with tomatoes that have fallen off the trucks. I pass by the Campbell's plant on the way to work. Every morning, there is a line of tomato trucks getting off the highway at that exit, then lumbering down the road to the plant. The proceed to the tomato truck entrance , then to the rear of the plant.

    There's a hatch at the bottom of the trailers. You can see it in this picture. They open that hatch, and the tomatoes roll into the processing plant, where they will immediately be turned into Campbell's Tomato Soup. Whatever you want to say about the quality of convenience foods, I can tell you that Campbell's Tomato Soup is made from tomatoes that have just been harvested from that field two miles away.

    I am not a shill! Free tomatoes!!! Grab the snow shovel, I'll hold the sack open. And your argument is that it's less smarmy and fake to say "you're welcome" even if they're not literally "welcome" to do whatever it is they just did, like step on your foot or interrupt you at work? I mean if you're going to go all the way on this close-reading jag, "excuse me" literally implies that there was something for which the person would like to be "excused" or made an allowance.

    Or we could just accept that these are ritualized phrases whose word-for-word translation doesn't usually capture the spirit in which they are intended. FWIW, I think more pernicious than "smarmy falseness" is the growing trend for people to claim to be insulted whenever someone is being merely civil and not completely obsequious see also: restaurant service. Speaking of tomatoes, I am going to use this space to air my grievances Festivus in July, bringing it all back around. I have recently learned, at the PEAK of tomato season in my house where I grow hundreds of pounds of tomatoes, that my husband does not enjoy these homegrown tasty bombs of joy and that he never really has.

    Oh, he'll eat pasta sauce and pizza and ketchup all the live long day, but fresh, homegrown tomatoes? Nyet, comrade. For fucks sake! I don't even know the man I married!! Sophie why did you marry an alien from a distant and horrible star. You ask me, that's deal-breaker territory right there. Seriously, I'm thinking I might trade him in, but he does make really good waffles and he has put up with significant amounts of my shit for the last 22 years, so, well We got along fine about it; it was like an efficient division of labor.

    In a pinch, we could nicely divide a single meal between us. This tin does what it says. It's the tin that can. One must forgive a man much who can make really good waffles. Ye gods, I feel your pain. My daughter hates tomatoes. Hates tomato sauce. Loves ketchup -- her favorite food group. I finally succumbed to frustration a couple of weeks ago and gently explained to her what ketchup is made of. At great risk. Because if she stops eating ketchup she'll also reject every food she dips it in. Practically every plate of food we put in front of her is accessorized with the damned stuff.

    So we showed her the ingredient list and cringed while waiting for her response. She now thinks we're trying to trick her. Cooked tomatoes are so different than raw ones. As much as this thread is amusing, it's also sort of making me wary of commenting in MetaFilter at all for fear of offending someone with how I write or what words I use. Then I moved to the Gulf Coast in MS and was mocked by my classmates because I sounded like "a Yankee," and picked up the Deep South accent and colloquialisms during my four years living there "Yes, Ma'am" to your female teachers, etc.

    STAR-K Listings of Companies and Products

    And tried to tone down my American accent. I'm now a confused result of my upbringing, and don't really know what I'm supposed to sound like or what expressions I'm "allowed" to use. I've also been watching too much Sherlock and Game of Thrones lately and my brain really wants me to start using lovely British expressions, but I'm trying hard not to. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are those of us who have weird backgrounds and it'd be great if people tried to not forget that when they feel like jumping on word choices. This reminds me that I forgot to say how much I like "Galaxor Nebulon" as a username.

    Tremble at his Galactic nebulosity; kneel before his cosmic milk-cloudiness! More generally, we should have a thread that's all about expressions, turns of phrase, etc that we have seen other mefites use and wish to praise for their originality, pithiness, mot-juste-iness, or whatever. According to some quick web-skimming I just did, there's tragic folk in the world for whom uncooked tomatoes trigger their allergies but not cooked ones. Not necessarily your kid, but it was interesting to look up. If it makes you feel any better, Misozaki, I think Metafilter overall has become more forgiving about language use, spelling, etc.

    So many members, including me, use tablets or phones to post here that typos are common, even with the editing feature. One of my favorite and most prolific posters, The Whelk, has typos in nearly every one of his comments sorry, Whelk! Did you ever find those barrel back chairs you wanted?

    He is also, I hasten to add, is a fantastic writer whose work I personally respect very much.

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    Which is all just to say that you really don't need to worry about people snarking so much about this stuff. Even when it does happen, it's usually good-natured, and no one is judging you as a person. I did not. He's letting that side air out. More generally, people are remarkably judgmental of other people based upon their language usage.

    People flaunt their judgmentalism about language in a way that they are reluctant to do in other contexts. Last week, after Weird Al's video was being talked about all over the net, I had a really strange experience. I'd heard that he mentions the Oxford Comma in the song but, as I alluded earlier, that didn't tell me whether he opposed or defended it because at different times and places each usage is considered the "correct" usage and the other stigmatized.

    So, on googling, I just happened to find someone's piece not a blog entry, but something on an unfamiliar media site otherwise applauding Al's ranting against "incorrect" usage but pointing out the "error" of the split infinitive in Al's video. There was a bunch of the usual posturing about loving language and correct grammar and the decline of literacy and therefore some reluctance to criticize Al, as he's fighting the good fight; but, you know, a mistake's a mistake and people should know better so the writer's going to point it out.

    No few people immediately commented to correct her correction. The "rule" against the split infinitive isn't found in most of the otherwise strict prescriptivist authorities; it doesn't even have that much credibility. It's closer to folklore than not. The more educated prescriptivists tend to know this and so this isn't a rule they usually claim. The strange and disconcerting thing about this was that the writer and others responded to these comments with -- I'm not making this up -- defenses along the lines of "you're taking things too seriously" and "you're bullying".

    What's interesting to me about it, and in retrospect is quite comprehensible and predictable, is that this exemplifies the typical pattern with defenses of cultural capital. The pattern is that one defends one's cultural capital by attacking in both directions: downwards and upwards. The downward attacks have the character of what we call "snobbery".

    It doesn't matter where on the hierarchy someone is, people are quite capable of being snobs to those they consider beneath them. But the upwardly-directed attacks are different. Where the downwardly-directed attacks are built around an implicit claim that people are somehow deficient in their characters to not have acquired some example of cultural capital, the upwardly-directed attacks imply character defects revealed by the acquisition of ostentatious, fool's gold, actually-worthless examples of cultural capital.

    This perfectly follows how this works with economic capital and class: from a particular class perspective middle-class , people who don't have a proper home reveal deficiencies of character, but people who have mansions also reveal deficiencies of character. So, with cultural capital this happens most obviously with education.

    Архив блога

    From a particular cultural capital class perspective, too little education no secondary diploma, no college produces contempt, but too much education especially anything that smacks of being "intellectual" also produces contempt. Language peeving is very much about cultural capital and its defense. It is, generally, almost exquisitely middle-class and whatever we might call the associated cultural capital version of "middle-class".

    So, um, "middle-class"? Its diffused apotheosis is probably right around the high-school senior and college freshman instruction on formal English composition. And so this is the normalized perspective of most of it. This defines its snobbery. Breaking rules that your high school English teacher taught you -- things like never starting sentences with conjunctions, never splitting infinitives, never ending sentences with prepositions, never using or failing to use the serial comma, and all the rest -- this is understood to demonstrate ignorance, the decline of literacy, reveal people you wouldn't want to date or to hire, signal a contemptuous disregard for standards.

    However, someone else who follows rules you don't follow, rules such as using the irrealis were often referred to as subjunctive or whom -- well, those people are pretentious assholes. Especially if they have the gall to look down on you for not being a pretentious asshole like they are.

    About This Item

    So the funny thing is that from a particular perspective it makes perfect sense to be nitpicky and make character judgments when evaluating other people's usage but, when others do this to oneself, it's being nitpicky and bullying. If you happen to actually know abut the history of the proscription of the split infinitive in English, know how rarely it's been endorsed by prescriptivist authorities, and you correct someone else's attempt to correct someone's split infinitive, then, to them, you're the one being a nitpicking bully. And to connect this to how I started, the other startling to me, anyway feature of how people defend their cultural capital is how unapologetically judgmental of other people they are willing to be.

    Of how willing they are to connect this to specific value judgments about a person's character. You see this all the time with aesthetics -- it's almost as if many people are perfectly wiling to declare, explicitly, that someone is a bad person because they like or fail to like a novel, or musician, or whatever. Similarly, people do this with language and they do it with the same assumptions and reasoning and justifications.