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Create an individual record keeper for each of your students with this free progress monitoring ring set. Less bulky than a notebook, less formal than a clipboard and pen. For a full tutorial on her system, read Mrs. However, we found some adorable examples of data walls that might just do the trick. The official said the lander generating power is not an issue, as it has "solar panels all around it" and it also has "internal batteries" which "are not used much.

Vikram intact in one piece: Isro making all-out efforts to restore link with Chandrayaan-2 lander Isro has said that lander Vikram is still in one piece and they are trying to establish contact with it after it crash landed on the lunar surface on Saturday.

SpaceX Dragon's final test: making it to Earth in one piece

Isro is trying to establish contact with Vikram. Image: Twitter. The mission life of the lander and rover is one Lunar day, which is equal to 14 earth days. Also Watch How Isro control room went from jubilant to silent as Chandrayaan-2 lander lost contact. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from.

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Broke and depressed, he resolved to get his act together. He began looking for help in the same place he looked for everything: YouTube. One day in late , YouTube recommended a self-help video by Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian talk show host and self-styled philosopher. Like Mr. Cain, Mr. Molyneux had a difficult childhood, and he talked about overcoming hardships through self-improvement. He seemed smart and passionate, and he wrestled with big questions like free will, along with practical advice on topics like dating and job interviews. Cain was a liberal who cared about social justice, worried about wealth inequality and believed in climate change.

But he found Mr. Cain said.

In and , as Mr. Cain dived deeper into his YouTube recommendations, he discovered an entire universe of right-wing creators. A two-day sample of Mr. Feminism was a recurring theme. In one video, an English professor argued that feminism limited basic liberties. By the end of the binge, Mr. Cain had watched explicitly racist videos, including some from channels that have since been banned. Over time, he watched dozens of clips by Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian, and Paul Joseph Watson, a prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist who was barred by Facebook this year.

They were entertainers, building their audience with satirical skits, debates and interviews with like-minded creators.

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Some of them were part of the alt-right, a loose cohort of pro-Trump activists who sandwiched white nationalism between layers of internet sarcasm. These creators were active on Facebook and Twitter, too. But YouTube was their headquarters, and the place where they could earn a living by hawking merchandise and getting a cut of the money spent on advertisements that accompanied their videos.

Few of them had overt ties to establishment conservative groups, and there was little talk about tax cuts or trade policy on their channels. To Mr. Cain, all of this felt like forbidden knowledge — as if, just by watching some YouTube videos, he had been let into an exclusive club.

If alienation was one ingredient in Mr. Molyneux were another, the third was a series of product decisions YouTube made starting back in For years, the algorithm had been programmed to maximize views, by showing users videos they were likely to click on. But creators had learned to game the system, inflating their views by posting videos with exaggerated titles or choosing salacious thumbnail images. That way, creators would be encouraged to make videos that users would finish, users would be more satisfied and YouTube would be able to show them more ads.

The bet paid off. Within weeks of the algorithm change, the company reported that overall watch time was growing, even as the number of views shrank. A month after its algorithm tweak, YouTube changed its rules to allow all video creators to run ads alongside their videos and earn a portion of the revenue they generated.

Making Peace with Fear, the Convincing and Beautiful Presence of Katheren Szabo | Al Etmanski

Previously, only popular channels that had been vetted by YouTube were able to run ads. It treated a white nationalist monologue no differently from an Ariana Grande cover or a cake icing tutorial. But the far right was well positioned to capitalize on the changes. Many right-wing creators already made long video essays, or posted video versions of their podcasts. Their inflammatory messages were more engaging than milder fare.

And now that they could earn money from their videos, they had a financial incentive to churn out as much material as possible.

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A few progressive YouTube channels flourished from to Watson, the conspiracy theorist, tweeted in Several current and former YouTube employees, who would speak only on the condition of anonymity because they had signed confidentiality agreements, said company leaders were obsessed with increasing engagement during those years. One problem, according to several of the current and former YouTube employees, is that the A. Eventually, users got bored. And they began testing a new algorithm that incorporated a different type of A. The new A. Reinforce was a huge success. In a talk at an A.

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  6. Chen said. After being shown a recording of Ms. This past week, the company announced that it would expand that approach, so that a person who had watched a series of conspiracy theory videos would be nudged toward videos from more authoritative news sources. In interviews, YouTube officials denied that the recommendation algorithm steered users to more extreme content. The officials declined to share this data, or give any specific examples of users who were shown more moderate videos after watching more extreme videos.

    The officials stressed, however, that YouTube realized it had a responsibility to combat misinformation and extreme content.

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    By the night of Nov. He spent much of the night watching clips of Ms. His YouTube viewing history shows that at a. That year, Mr. He got a job packing boxes at a furniture warehouse, where he would listen to podcasts and watch videos by his favorite YouTube creators all day. He fell asleep to YouTube videos at night, his phone propped up on a pillow.

    In all, he watched nearly 4, YouTube videos in , more than double the number he had watched the previous year. Not all of these videos were political. But the bulk of his media diet came from far-right channels.